Enjoy Our New Celtic Sphere Pendants

Silver and Gold Plating Shamrock Sphere PendantIt’s always fun to spotlight our newest Celtic jewelry designs, and we’re especially proud of our stunning Celtic Sphere Pendants.

These original pieces are brand-new to our site, and the Irish artisans who create these lovely and innovative sphere pendants use the ancient symbols of Ireland, Scotland and Wales to great effect on every silver and gold design.

Whether you choose a Shamrock, Celtic Spiral, or Irish Claddagh sphere pendant, you’ll find that the exquisite workmanship on your preferred piece is truly something to marvel at.

Symbols are scattered along the surface of each sterling silver sphere. Some of these meaningful motifs are accented with gold plating for an attractive, two-toned effect.

To help you choose your favorite, we’d like to present each pendant in the Sphere collection, along with some fascinating information that explains exactly what each Celtic motif really means…

Our Sphere Pendant Collection

Silver and Gold Plating Spiral Sphere Pendant

Silver and Gold Plating Spiral Sphere PendantCeltic spirals are symbols of life-force and eternity, and they appear on many ancient Celtic art treasures, some of which even predate Christianity.

If you’d like to honor your Irish, Scottish or Welsh background with a distinctive pendant that is bestowed with deeper meaning, you’ll adore our Silver and Gold Plating Spiral Sphere Pendant.

Delicate and feminine, this ornate piece is an elegant sphere composed of a series of Celtic spiral designs.

The piece is crafted by hand of the finest silver, and then accented with gold-plated spirals that add more richness and dimension.

Perfect as a treat to yourself, or as a gift for any special lady, each pendant will arrive in a pretty gift box.

Silver and Gold Plating Shamrock Sphere Pendant

Silver and Gold Plating Shamrock Sphere PendantShow off your Irish pride in a subtle and refined manner by choosing our exceptional Silver and Gold Plating Shamrock Sphere Pendant.

Adorned with a smattering of beautiful Shamrock motifs that symbolize Father, Son and Holy Spirit, this beautiful pendant pays homage to Saint Patrick, who used the tender Shamrock plant to illustrate the presence of God in the natural world.

Saint Patrick believed that the three leaves of the Shamrock represented the Holy Trinity, and he used the Shamrock to convert Irish Pagans to Christ.

Today, this symbol is Ireland’s most famous motif, so why not celebrate your own Gaelic heritage by ordering this reasonably-priced sphere pendant today?

Silver and Gold Plating Claddagh Sphere Pendant

Silver and Gold Plating Claddagh Sphere PendantEmbrace the spirit of Irish romance by selecting our romantic Silver and Gold Plating Claddagh Sphere Pendant.

On this signature Celtic design, the crowned-heart-and-hands motif of traditional Irish Claddagh rings is used to decorate the surface of the shining silver sphere.

Claddagh symbols represent love and loyalty. For centuries, Irish lovers and friends have exchanged Claddagh rings as tokens of affection.

By choosing this piece, which features gold plated accents, you’ll evoke the beauty of Irish romance, while enjoying the most painstaking craftsmanship.

Our Pieces are Handmade and One Hundred Percent Authentic

Some Celtic jewelry that you find online is not the real thing, because it isn’t created in Ireland. Our pieces are handcrafted in the Emerald Isle, and each design is stamped at the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle.

If you’re looking for authentic pieces that honor your heritage, you’ll find that our Celtic Sphere Pendants and other jewelry designs are truly second to none.