Celebrate Your Heritage with Our Celtic Shamrock Enamel Charm

If you own a charm bracelet and you’re always on the hunt for new charms that are both beautiful and meaningful, you’ll love wearing our new Celtic Shamrock Enamel Charm.

This delicate and dreamy design is handcrafted from fine enamels and gleaming sterling silver, and it really captures the essence of the Emerald Isle’s most famous symbol.

Available in different colors to suit your tastes, this elegant design honors the Irish Shamrock, which is a symbol of the Holy Trinity. The three leaves of the Shamrock illustrate Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Saint Patrick, Ireland’s lauded Saint, used the Shamrock to convert Pagans to Christ. He told them that the tender little plant proved the existence of God in the natural world.

Today, our Irish artisans honor the past by crafting these charms, which evoke Ireland’s rich, vibrant history and culture.

Choose Your Favorite Finish

If you’re into pastels, you’ll love the pretty violet version of our Shamrock charm (as shown at left). Feminine and so pleasing to the eye, this exquisite charm is also an ideal gift for any special lady with Irish ancestry.

Designed to be worn on our Tara’s Diary Charm Celtic Bracelet, you may also wear any of our Shamrock charms on your Pandora charm bracelet.

In addition, it’s also fun to wear this type of charm on a necklace, as a whimsical pendant.

So, feel free to express yourself by getting creative and wearing your charm exactly the way that you want to…


Choose a Vibrant, Kelly-green Charm for a True Irish Effect

If you’re looking for a traditionally Irish color scheme, you’ll enjoy wearing our Kelly-green Shamrock charm. This vibrant design calls to mind the rolling green hills and velvety-green grasses of the Emerald Isle.

Adorned with multicolored enamel for a luxurious, layered effect, this charm also features touches of brown, gold and white.

Each charm in our Shamrock collection features Tara’s Diary engraving.

Once you’ve chosen one stunning charm, you’ll likely want to select a few more, and this beautiful collection offers so many wonderful choices.

You may choose from silver charms adorned with gemstones, pearls, and classic Celtic symbols, including Trinity Knots and Celtic spirals.


Soft White is a Romantic Choice

Our milky-white charm has a soft and romantic appearance, and this dreamy, soft-focus effect is enhanced by tender Shamrock motifs in golden green.

Perfect for any lady who appreciates the finer things in life, our white charm will look exquisite when the light catches it. In fact, all of our enamel Shamrock charms seem to glow with prisms of dazzling color when the sun touches them.

Now that you’ve experienced this gorgeous trio of Celtic charms, why not choose your favorite today? Attractively priced at just $33.00 each, this affordable designs are perfect for any budget.

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  1. I love the enamel and silver handcrafted charm, but can not find it for purchase. When I click on it and look through the site I do not find this one listed and it is the one I want to start my collection with. Where should I go to find it or is it no longer.

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