Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Since Father’s Day is on the horizon (it happens on June 17th), you may be wondering exactly what to give your Dad this year.

If you’re looking for unique and affordable gift ideas that also have a sense of history and hidden meaning, you will find that traditional Celtic jewelry fits the bill.

Our signature designs are rugged, masculine, and highly symbolic.

Adorned with the classic knot work stylings of the Celtic Insular Art period, these pieces take their inspiration from the Celtic art treasures of the Middle Ages, and they will offer Dad an easy and fulfilling way to connect with his own Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage.

Here are some exciting and reasonably-priced gift ideas your Dad will appreciate…

Handcrafted and Authentic Men’s Jewelry Designs

To add a touch of elegance to his suiting, why not offer Dad our traditional and refined Silver Gents Trinity Knot Cufflinks?

Crafted from fine sterling silver, these knot work designs symbolize Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Trinity Knot is one of the Celtic people’s most resonant symbols, and it is always striking in its stregnth, simplicity and meaning.

Cuff links are becoming very popular these days, as young men discover the pleasures of dressing up.

Your Dad may have fond memories of wearing these accessories in his younger days, so why not offer him a brand new pair of classic cuff links that he’ll really love?

Treating your father to these smooth, polished designs is the perfect way to honor Father’s Day.

The little details are what great personal style is all about, and these sophisticated Celtic cuff links will add panache to any dress shirt or suit that Dad owns.

For a truly charming present he’ll appreciate, choose a special dress shirt for your father, and then place the cuff links (which will be sent out in an attractive gift box) on top.

Dad will love your thoughtfulness, and these pieces of handmade jewelry are just so affordable ($135.00).

The Perfect Token of Affection for Father’s Day

For the perfect blend of traditional Irish symbolism and modern style, why not offer Dad our Gents Silver Claddagh and Celtic Band?

Engraved with exquisite care, this exceptional sterling silver design symbolizes love and loyalty. Each piece features the crowned-heart-and-hands motif that is such a powerful symbol of the Emerald Isle.

Traditionally given as a token of friendship or affection, Claddagh designs hearken back to a different time, and they are truly timeless.

This modern spin on the classic Claddagh ring is so comfortable and easy to wear, that Dad will never want to take it off…

Available for just $99.00, our affordable gift idea also features rugged knot work detailing…

If Dad is into modern style with a little edge, he’ll really love wearing our unique and stylish Silver and Rubber Gents Celtic Bracelet.

This cool design retails for only $195.00, and it features a silver ingot that is adorned with masculine Celtic knot work patterns.

This beautiful expression of traditional Celtic design is the perfect complement to jeans and a t-shirt, cargo shorts, or other other casual attire, and it also looks great with a modern suit.

If Dad likes more adventurous style with a little contemporary flair, this comfortable bracelet, which comes with a flexible rubber strap, will become an everyday favorite that he wears again and again…