Competition Winners: FREE book and Claddagh Ring go to…

I firstly want to thank everyone that participated in this Facebook competition. We had an overwhelming response, and a lot of fantastic entries. It was very difficult picking an overall winner, but we’ve decided to choose Holly Hennessy Swint as the overall winner of a FREE copy of the The Third Horseman, plus the bonus gift of our Classic Claddagh ring.

Holly wrote:

“I love this ring because I have never seen a design anything like this! I love the way you incorporated the 3 {trinity} stones and love the unique embossed Claddagh design in the gold band. Very beautiful depiction of a classic Irish symbol.”

We especially liked they way Holly saw the 3 diamonds as a reflection of the Trinity. It’s not something that we considered about this ring before. Thanks for seeing this connection, Holly!

We also picked out 14 other winners, who will receive a FREE copy of The Third Horseman, by Gerard O’Keeffe:

Brianna Dewey
Kimberely Willy
Liz ‘Rockchick’ Hornby
Cindy Thomson
Erin Seiger
Kristi Hair
Janis Sterling
Cory-Dj Hovivian
Ieva Valkovska
Cheryl Parr Bowens
Amanda Bennett
Moriah Forbes
Christian Steiner
Kirsi Niemi

We will contact every winner by email in the next 24 hours with instructions on how to download your FREE copy.

Thanks again for everyone that participated. Keep posted for our next competition coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Competition Winners: FREE book and Claddagh Ring go to…

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely prize! I can’t wait to read Gerard O’Keeffe’s novel and I will wear my new beautiful Claddagh ring with Irish pride! Slainte! ;D

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