Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival July 20th-22nd, 2012

LeprechaunIf you’re a fan of Irish dance, music and culture, you belong at the Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival. The lively summer get-together is slated for July 20th-22nd, 2012, and it features some of the best Emerald Isle-inspired entertainment that you will find anywhere in America.

Held at Cleveland’s Berea Fairgrounds, this family-friendly event was founded by John O’Brien Sr. in 1982. After a strong start, the festival continued to grow in popularity. Today, over thirty thousand people attend this Irish festival every year.

Visitors come in droves to experience the festival’s renowned live entertainment, which includes Gaelic dance and Celtic music. This year’s roster of musical groups includes Clancy Legacy, the Screaming Orphans, and the New Barleycorn (among many others).

Other festival highlights will include step dancing that is accompanied by traditional, live fiddle music; this dancing and live music will take place on the festival’s Celtic Thunder stage.

For the little ones, there is also a range of family-friendly activities, such as Irish key chain making, Irish dance lessons, traditional Gaelic arts and crafts, and singing and storytelling. Kiddies may even create their own Irish flags to take home as special souvenirs of their time at the Cleveland Cultural Festival.

As you can see, this festival has a great deal to offer, so why not find out more about this Irish celebrations by visiting the official Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival today?