A Romantic Celtic Wedding Ring to Treasure

Ladies Signature Mo Anam Cara Wedding RingOur Ladies Signature Mo Anam Cara Wedding Ring is exquisitely engraved with Gaelic script that means, “My Soul Mate“.

If you’re looking for a special wedding band that embodies the spirit of Irish romance, you’ll love this beautiful design, which features the most painstaking craftsmanship.

Our Irish script wedding rings are created by artisans in the Emerald Isle for true authenticity. The quality of each piece will guarantee that it is treasured for a lifetime.

If you want to express your personal style – and the love that you feel for your partner – you’ll adore this poignant design. Whenever you look at your ring, you’ll be reminded of your “soul mate” and just how much he means to you.

Wear it Alone, or with an Irish Engagement Ring

14k Diamond Set Claddagh RingThis design is the perfect complement to an Irish engagement ring (such as our lovely and impressive 14k Diamond Set Claddagh Ring, as shown at left), and it may also be worn alone for a welcome change from the usual plain gold band.

Available in an affordable sterling silver and 10k gold finish, or in a more luxurious 10k or 14k gold finish, this design may be customized to suit your tastes and budget.

Because our wedding bands are so unique and so memorable, they are always a pleasure to own and wear.

Each ring that we offer is hallmarked in the Assay Office of Dublin Castle.

Our most affordable rings (silver and gold) retail for only $246.00, so they are a perfect investment for any budget-conscious bride-to-be.

Choose our Gorgeous Wedding Ring to Honor your Irish Heritage

Ladies Signature Mo Anam Cara Wedding Ring (gold on gold finish)Whatever finish you select (gold-on-gold is featured at left), you’ll receive a stunning Irish wedding ring that truly has all of the bells and whistles.

Each piece is adorned with Irish script and romantic crowned-heart-and-hands Claddagh symbols that illustrate your feelings of love and loyalty.

For centuries, Claddagh symbols have been used to denote everlasting love, so they are perfect motifs for any woman who wants to connect with her Irish heritage as she marries.

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