More Fun Ideas for the Ultimate Irish Honeymoon

Do you dream of a romantic Irish honeymoon in a quaint holiday cottage or at a luxury hotel?

If you do, you’re not alone. Today, many newly-married couples journey to the beautiful Emerald Isle to take in the sights, connect with their Gaelic heritage, and enjoy some romantic time alone in a variety of charming accommodations.

In fact, Ireland is surely one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world.

Whether you’re on a tight travel budget or looking for a honeymoon experience with all of the bells and whistles, you’ll love what a trip to Ireland has to offer…

Budget Honeymoons in Ireland

If you can’t afford to stay at an Irish castle that doubles as a luxury resort for honeymooners and other visitors to Ireland, you don’t need to be left out in the cold.

You may choose a holiday let, such as a cottage similar to the one pictured above, to save money.

These cottages will give you the privacy you deserve, while also allowing you to avoid expensive restaurant bills (since you may prepare your own meals when you like).

In fact, renting a cottage is a wonderful way to experience village life in Ireland, without busting your budget.

Almost every village and town in the Emerald Isle features a series of holiday rentals, from basic to luxurious.

Just be certain that the dealer you work with is reputable; always check a company out online before you make any financial commitments or hand over any personal information.

Look for rental agencies with trade association affiliations in Ireland, and always look for customer feedback online.

While most leasing agents are honest and aboveboard, others are unscrupulous, so doing a lot of research and homework will ensure that you avoid rip-offs and enjoy the romantic Irish honeymoon that you really deserve.

When you stay in a village holiday rental, you may enjoy the culture of the area by riding bicycles, visiting traditional Irish pubs, and enjoying the warm hospitality that the Irish are known for.

Luxury Options

Ireland is filled with luxury hotels and authentic castles that are used as elegant resorts for tourists, so there is certainly no shortage of options here. Your honeymoon will be incredible when you pull out all of the stops and choose the very best accommodations that the Emerald Isle has to offer…

Whether you want to spend your honeymoon amidst the hustle and bustle (and history) of Dublin’s Temple Bar area (consider the Clarence Hotel for a true five-star experience) or you desire a country experience at one of Ireland’s castle hotels, such as Belle Isle in County Fermanagh or Cloghan Castle in Loughrea, County Galway, you will be spoiled for choice.

Expect to pay big for your luxury hotel or castle accommodation; these venues do not come cheap. However, if you have the cash to spare, you’ll create special and romantic memories that last a lifetime.

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