Our Trinity Knot Earrings are a Poignant Symbol of Faith

If you’re looking for an everyday pair of earrings that still offer unprecedented luxury, beauty and Celtic symbolism, you will adore our 14k Emerald Trinity Knot Stud Earrings.

These charming designs are studded with genuine emeralds to add color and shimmer, and they are crafted from sleek and lustrous 14k white gold.

Each earring is styled after the ancient Celtic Trinity Knots that adorn the stone crosses, art treasures and illuminated manuscripts of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

During the Early Medieval Period, Irish monks would create homages to God and then decorate them with these poignant symbols.

Some of these religious masterworks, such as the Book of Kells, are now priceless treasures that are housed in Ireland and attract thousands of tourists each year.

Each Trinity Knot has three equal parts, symbolizing Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

If faith is important to you, and you’re of Celtic ancestry, then you’ll adore the beauty and deeper meaning of these lovely earrings.

Versatile enough for everyday, they also add polish and sophistication to business wear or formal attire.

Since these designs are so easy to wear and so pleasing to the eye, they make a perfect gift idea for Mother’s Day or any other special occasion.

Every pair of earrings that we offer is handmade in the Emerald Isle, by artisans who respect the old traditions of the most masterful Celtic goldsmiths.

In addition, our earrings are stamped for purity at Dublin Castle’s Assay Office.

Enjoy Celtic Authenticity for a Very Affordable Price

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, why not treat your Mom to true Celtic authenticity that comes at a very attractive price?

When you order these beautiful earrings for your mother, they’ll arrive in a pretty box that is just perfect for gift-giving.

Of course, our elegant earrings also make a wonderful treat to yourself, for any reason (or no reason at all).

Wearing Celtic jewelry is so much fun, as it will allow you to connect with your own ancestry every time that you put it on.

If you’re proud to be of Irish, Welsh or Scottish heritage, show the world your roots by choosing these dazzling, reasonably-priced earrings today.

2 thoughts on “Our Trinity Knot Earrings are a Poignant Symbol of Faith

  1. I purchased 2 pr drop knot earrings at the craft show in Halifax. My daughter lost one a few hours after receiving hers because there was no “stop” given with them. She later found the lost one- and I called the other recipient to warn her about how easily they can come off without a “stop”. I suggest that you should provide them with your earrings and I wonder if you could send me a couple of sets for the pairs I purchased.
    Joan Auld, 6098 Inglis St, Hfx, NS B3H 1L5

  2. Hi Joan, I’m sorry to hear that your daughter lost an earring. When we sell earrings we always send them with earring backs. Unfortunately, we’ve no connection with a show in Halifax. You would need to contact the vender that sold you the earrings.

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