Our Silver Pearl Set Trinity Knot Earrings are Affordable and Beautiful

Silver Pearl Set Trinity Knot EarringsIf you’re looking for an affordable way to enjoy handcrafted Celtic jewelry that honours your Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage, you’ll will love our reasonably-priced, authentic Silver Pearl Set Trinity Knot Earrings.

For only $59.00, you’ll be able to order these pretty earrings from our online jewelry boutique, and they will come to you in a lovely gift box.

Many people enjoy giving gifts of traditional Celtic jewelry to their friends or loved ones, but most don’t realize how affordable sterling silver Celtic jewelry really is.

Now that you know how easy it is to afford these special designs, it’s time to treat yourself (or someone else) to these mystical and marvelous earrings.

These delicate designs feature genuine pearls and stunning Trinity Knot settings. Simple, yet striking, each earring symbolizes Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

For thousands of years, the Celts have honoured their bond with God by using Trinity Knots to adorn stone crosses, ancient manuscripts, and priceless art treasures.

Today, the artisans of Ireland pay homage to the past by drawing inspiration from their ancestors.

Each pair of earrings is handcrafted right in the Emerald Isle, and each piece is also stamped for purity at Dublin Castle’s Assay Office.

For truly traditional Celtic design that is fits your budget, these feminine, meaningful earrings are truly second to none…

Choose Coordinating Pieces for a Lovely Matched Set

Silver Pearl Set Trinity Knot PendantPart of the fun of wearing authentic Celtic jewelry is collecting more pieces to create the ideal jewelry wardrobe.

If you enjoy wearing coordinated earrings and pendants, which always add so much polish to any outfit, you’ll love our matching Silver Pearl Set Trinity Knot Pendant.

Available for just $49.00, this exquisite pendant is crafted from fine sterling silver and a stunning, lustrous pearl that catches the light.

For centuries, the symbolism and beauty of pearls have captivated both men and women. In fact, some people believe that wearing pearls will lead to spiritual growth.

Pearls symbolize charity, purity and wisdom…

Indulge in Affordable Celtic Beauty…

Now that you know how to enjoy Celtic beauty without spending a fortune, why not indulge yourself today? Our signature designs have so much to offer, and they are meant to be treasured for a lifetime.