Celtic Jewelry Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for gift ideas that will please your Mom on Mother’s Day, you should consider giving her an exquisite piece of handmade Celtic jewelry.

If your mother is of Irish, Scottish or Welsh ancestry, she’ll really enjoy wearing a special pendant, pair of earrings, or charm that reflects her own Celtic heritage.

Our designs have always been popular choices for this very special occasion, as they are very elegant.

Our sophisticated pieces have a timeless quality, which makes them appropriate for women of all ages, including more mature women.

Ladies adore the classic style of our Celtic Crosses, Claddagh designs, Trinity Knot pieces, and Tara’s Diary Collection charms, and your Mom will be no exception.

To help you find what’s best for your mother, we’ve compiled a few stellar choices that are sure to please.

Here is our list of affordable and beautiful Celtic jewelry Mother’s Day gift ideas:

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Treasure

Silver Diamond Trinity Knot Cross

Treat Mom to a stunning symbol of faith and eternity by giving her our Silver Diamond Trinity Knot Cross this Mother’s Day.

Inset with a golden Trinity Knot, this exquisite sterling silver design features gold-plated accents for added richness and dimension.

Glittering genuine diamonds sparkle in each of the cross’ four branches, adding preciousness and shimmer to the piece.

The ring of a Celtic Cross is believed to symbolize the sun, and its usage as a symbol pre-dates Christianity.

When Saint Patrick and his ilk converted the Pagans to Christ in Ireland, they adopted the symbol, perhaps to give those of the Pagan faith something familiar to relate to.

Now, the ringed crosses of Ireland are powerful symbols of belief in Jesus and eternal life. The Trinity Knot in each of our handmade pendants illustrates Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Our Sterling Silver “MOM” Charm

If your mother loves charm bracelets, she’ll really enjoy receiving our Tara’s Diary Irish Mom Charm.

This affordable charm comes from our Tara’s Diary Collection of Irish and Celtic charms, and it’s such a special and appropriate way to mark the occasion.

In fact, selecting this charm, which features flawless hand engraving and expertly-wrought Celtic symbols, may inspire your mother to begin collecting our whole range of exceptional charms, such as our enamelled Shamrock charms, Claddagh drop charms, and Irish step-dancer charms.


Our Sterling Silver Claddagh Part Set Earrings

Mom will be touched when you offer her these lovely earrings; in Ireland, the crowned-heart-and-hands symbols of the Claddagh illustrate affection and loyalty that are strong and everlasting.

By giving your mother our stunning Sterling Silver Claddagh Part Set Earrings, you will show her your love, and she will think of you each time that she wears her new designs.

Adorned with sparkling green CZ emeralds that add a welcome shot of colour, our handmade earrings are created right in the Emerald Isle.

These delicate earrings are so feminine and versatile; they truly make the ideal gift for your mother this year.


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