Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Wedding Anniversary

If your wedding anniversary is coming up, you may want to give your wife something really special that shows her exactly how much you care.

For such a special occasion, a piece of exquisite Celtic jewelry bestowed with romantic symbolism will be an ideal and meaningful choice.

If you or your partner have Irish, Scottish or Welsh ancestry, this gift idea will have even more significance and resonance…

To help you come up with some stellar gift options for your next wedding anniversary, we’ve compiled a helpful quick guide to choosing the ultimate romantic “token of affection” for your beloved wife…

From beautiful, handmade rings that symbolize love and loyalty, to delicate pendants and earrings that add polish and sophistication to her jewelry wardrobe, we have everything that you need to make this special day even more special.

Treat Her to a Beautiful Necklace

Sterling Silver Pearl Celtic Knot NecklaceOur Sterling Silver Pearl Celtic Knot Necklace makes a lovely anniversary gift.

Crafted from genuine, lustrous pearls and silver beads that are engraved with classical Celtic Trinity Knots, this elegant, traditional necklace is also surprisingly affordable.

Trinity Knots are a symbol of faith and eternity, and they have been used to great effect on Celtic art treasures, crosses, and ancient manuscripts.

Today, Irish jewelry makers honor the past by using these strong, simple motifs on their modern designs.

Her pearl necklace will be sent to her in a pretty gift box, and it will carry a stamp from Dublin Castle’s Assay Office.

Surprise Her with Emerald Earrings

14k Emerald Trinity Knot Stud EarringsEvery woman loves to receive precious gemstones, as they are just so special and rare.

To show your love, why not give her a pair of versatile and lovely emerald earrings that also express your feelings of eternal devotion?

Our 14k Emerald Trinity Knot Stud Earrings are crafted from white gold, and each earring features three shining, genuine emeralds.

Affordable and handcrafted, these earrings are perfect with jeans and a t-shirt, or with a cocktail dress or business suit.

It’s safe to say that these exquisite designs will be an everyday favorite of hers, and they will always remind her of you…

Give Her a Stunning Diamond Claddagh Ring

14k Ladies Diamond Claddagh RingIf you want to choose an anniversary gift that she’ll never forget, why not indulge by selecting a stunning diamond ring that tells her you’d marry her all over again?

Our 14k Ladies Diamond Claddagh Ring is one of our prettiest, most impressive designs, and it is just so romantic and special.

A heart-shaped solitaire diamond shines in the center of the design, surrounded by gorgeous yellow gold.

If your significant other prefers white gold, you may choose that finish instead to customize your gift to her tastes.

The crowned-heart-and-hands motif of the Irish Claddagh is a symbol of love and loyalty, so this stunning design, which will become a treasured right-hand ring that she is so proud to wear, is so appropriate for a wedding anniversary…

How to Make Your Anniversary Gift-giving Extra Special

To add more romance to your gift-giving, consider adding a few lines of Irish script to your anniversary card.

The words, Mo Anam Cara, mean “My Soul Mate”, and they will touch her as you explain their meaning to her. Other options include adding a traditional Irish “blessing”, or a few lines of verse from one of the great Celtic poets (such as William Butler Yeats) to your card.

If you like, consider having a ring engraved with special words that have significance for the two of you.

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