How to Plan a Celtic Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony

Have you ever thought about renewing your wedding vows?

If you’ve dreamed about a re-commitment ceremony that allows you to show your spouse that you’d marry him or her all over again, why not plan a celebration that is really special and also features a little bit of traditional Celtic romance and beauty?

With our selection of stunning Celtic rings (such as the gorgeous 14kt 3 Stone Diamond Celtic Ring stunner shown at left) to provide you with the perfect inspiration for this very special occasion, you’ll be able to create a lovely, Emerald Isle-inspired ceremony that honours your everlasting bond with one another.

Here are some tips on renewing your vows in a truly meaningful way that creates yet another unforgettable and romantic memory for the two of you…

How to Renew Your Vows

The first step to renewing your wedding vows is picking the perfect date.

Many couples plan their commitment ceremonies on their anniversaries to add extra meaning and resonance to the festivities; however, any date can work, so don’t be afraid to plan a winter ceremony, even if you were married in the summer.

A “destination vow renewal”, which is the same as a destination wedding, would also be fun idea any time of the year.

If you’re never experienced the wonders of the Emerald Isle’s velvety-green fields, the Scottish Highlands’ fields of Heather, or the splendour of Welsh daffodils in spring, why not treat yourself and your true love to a vacation where you renew your vows?

Invite friends and family along, or simply go as a couple and renew your vows privately in a new and romantic place.

The important thing is just to have fun with it and to do it exactly as you like.

Now that you’re a little older, you don’t need to follow conventions the same way that you may have felt compelled to when you were younger.

All that you need to do is express your love in a way that feels right to both of you.

You should know that the vast majority of wedding vow renewals are not legally binding ceremonies; instead, they are creative, free-form expressions of love that may be held privately or in front of a large group.

If you like, you may contact the local wedding registration office in your region and ask if there is a way to register your vow renewal ceremony.

Some places allow this, and others don’t.

In the end, how formal you want your ceremony to be is up to you and your spouse; therefore, you have plenty of leeway when it comes to making your ceremony fit your “couple personality” and your tastes and budget.

Exchange Celtic Rings to Make it All More Special and Meaningful

To add Celtic flair and touching romance to the big day, whether it is carefully planned or totally spontaneous, why not upgrade to Celtic wedding rings? Tastes change over the years, and you may enjoy wearing new wedding bands that are more special than plain gold bands.

Our collection of gold and silver Celtic wedding rings are handmade in Ireland and hallmarked (stamped) at the Assay Office of Dublin Castle. You’ll adore these designs!

Some couples really enjoy exchanging new rings when they renew their vows. Our selection of Celtic wedding rings feature an assortment of ancient Celtic symbols.

Meanings of these delicate spirals, knot work patterns and Claddagh symbols range from illustrations of faith, life-force and belief in eternity to expressions of love, romance and fidelity, so they are perfect choices for couples from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Of course, if you share Irish, Scottish or Welsh ancestry, these symbols may be especially important to you, and wearing them proudly as your new “wedding vow renewal” rings will be a wonderful way to connect with your family heritage as you also honor one another.

Celebrate the Beauty of Your Love

Since keeping a relationship alive for years is a testament of patience, love and respect, it’s important to mark the journey with the right Celtic wedding ring.

Our exquisite Mo Anam Cara (“My Soul Mate”) designs offer all of the grace and mystical beauty of traditional Gaelic script, and they make ideal wedding vow renewal rings.

Since our Mo Anam Cara Faith Wedding Ring collection is available in silver and gold, you may choose just the right finish for your tastes and budget.

These unisex rings are the perfect way to say “I do” all over again…