Exploring Ireland – Malahide Castle

Known as the preferred reception venue of rock stars, famous athletes and Hollywood luminaries, this famous and majestic Dublin Castle has stood for over 800 years.

Beautifully maintained and decorated with great care, Malahide Castle is usually open to the public; there is even an on-site restaurant where guests may nibble at homemade scones, fruit preserves and clotted cream.

At the moment, castle staff are putting the final touches on extensive renovations. The castle has been closed during the renovations, but will re-open this summer (2012)…

When the castle opens its doors again (more resplendent than ever), it will still offer the traditional and time-honored elements that visitors to Malahide Castle have come to appreciate, such as tours of the whimsical Fry Model Railway and lush Talbot Botanic Gardens.

This stunning castle was once the home of the Talbots de Malahide family; today, these aristocrats are immortalized in a series of portraits found inside of the castle.

It is believed that Malahide Castle, which is surrounded by the crumbling ruins of Malahide Abby, was constructed in 1185 A.D.

Malahide Castle History

The castle has over 270 acres of velvety green grass and woodlands, and it’s very conveniently located. Visitors to the Castle may disembark at the Malahide Village train station and stroll over to the nearby castle.

Way back in 1185 A.D., Richard Talbot was awarded his Irish lands as a reward for his loyalty to the British Crown. Initially, Malahide Castle was a simpler “keep” building; through the years, the keep evolved into a stately home for the Talbot clan.

After Cromwell invaded Ireland in the seventeenth century, the Talbots briefly lost control of the castle, which was turned over to Miles Corbet.

In time, Cromwell’s power was muted, and Corbet was hung for his rebellion against the Crown. At this point, the Talbots regained ownership of the castle and lands, and they never lost their property again.

The castle passed down through generations of Talbots, and it was eventually sold to the Irish State in the late 1970’s.

Malahide Castle Today

Malahide Castle is currently undergoing a huge renovation which is almost complete. This summer, the castle (which is currently closed to visitors) will re-open with much fanfare and a whole new range of exciting attractions and features.

Improved visitor amenities (such as ticket kiosks, online ticket purchasing, and other time-saving elements) will be offered, as well as a new Irish food court featuring traditional Gaelic cuisine.

In addition, a new and wonderfully picturesque walkway from Malahide Village to the castle is being landscaped and groomed for tourists and townspeople to enjoy.

One of the most exciting features in the “new” version of Malahide Castle is an interactive exhibit in the fortress’ vaulted basement; this beautiful, detailed and engaging exhibit will tell the story of the Talbot family, who inhabited Malahide Castle through wars, political upheaval, and vast societal changes.

The story of the Talbots is a dramatic one that also sheds light on life in Ireland through the centuries.

At the moment, visitors may still explore the parks and forests of the castle grounds; soon, they will be able to enjoy everything the renovated castle has to offer…

If you’re planning a trip to Dublin this summer, be sure to plan a trip to this stunning and historically relevant Irish castle. Phone Malahide Castle to see exactly when they will re-open, as there is currently no set date…

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  1. My wife and I visited Malahide several years ago. While ther we saw portraits of Richard Wogan Talbot & Col. Nicholas Wogan. Unfortunately, castle rules were “NO PICTURES”.
    I have been searching on & off since but have been unable to find prints of these portraits. My wife is very anxious to include them in our travelogue as she wants to pass them onto our grandchildren. Any direction/help you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.

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