Diamond Beauty with True Irish Flair

If you’re of Irish heritage, why not honor your own family background as you prepare to marry?

During life’s most important milestones, such as lifetime commitments with a beloved partner, many women take the time to look back over their family histories.

Sometimes, as we enter a new phase of our futures, the past becomes more resonant…

If you’re very conscious of your family ties right now, and you want an engagement ring that reflects all of the most important relationships in your life, why not choose a stunning Irish engagement ring that evokes your own Emerald Isle ancestry and your love and loyalty towards your own family?

Seek Out Original Style that Makes You Happy for a Lifetime

Today, many women are looking for something a bit different; they are not interested in plain diamond rings without any hand-carved accents or meaningful symbols.

If you are seeking out originality that has deeper meaning for you, our stunning Diamond Set Princess Cut Claddagh Engagement Ring will be an ideal choice.

This luxurious design is adorned with expertly-crafted Claddagh symbols.

These traditional Irish motifs are distinctive symbols of the Emerald Isle, and every crowned-heart-and-hands motif on the band on your new ring symbolizes everlasting love and faithfulness.

The Claddagh Story

The first Claddagh ring was created in medieval times, by an Irishman who hailed from Galway. This merchant seaman, Richard Joyce, was sailing aboard a vessel in Moorish lands when he was kidnapped and sold into slavery.

Forced to work as a goldsmith, Joyce soon developed formidable skills in his new vocation.

During this period, he longed for his true love, Margaret, who waited for him in Galway. It is quite certain that Joyce believed (against all odds) that he would see his true love again one day.

To honor their love, he created the very first Irish Claddagh Ring, which is also known as the Royal Claddagh Ring. After years of slavery, the British King arranged for all British subjects to be released from slavery, and Joyce became a free man.

He sailed back to Galway, where Margaret, who had never stopped loving him, was waiting with open arms. He placed her gold Claddagh ring upon her finger, and the couple remained together until the end of their lives…

Celebrate Romance with the Perfect Irish Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

To complement your beautiful engagement ring, be sure to choose a matching wedding band that give your bridal jewelry a truly coordinated look. Our Ladies Claddagh & Celtic Wedding Band is designed to offer pure comfort and the most exquisite engravings and finishing.

Decorated with Claddagh symbols and intricate Celtic knot work, which symbolizes eternity, our wedding band may also be worn with a plain diamond engagement ring.

We also offer exceptional unisex wedding rings which may be worn by bride and groom on the big day.