Our Delicate and Beautiful Celtic Wedding Ring

Just for her, our Ladies Celtic Wedding Ring is a delicate and beautiful symbol of eternity.

Adorned with stunning engraving that represents eternity, this traditional Celtic design is made entirely by hand, and it really captures the unique interwoven design style (also known as Celtic interlace) that appears in the ancient Book of Kells and upon the surface of the Tara Brooch.

These priceless relics of the British Isles are shining examples of ornate and symbolic Celtic design. Our designers are influenced by the exquisite craftsmanship of medieval Irish goldsmiths and monks.

When you choose our lovely ring as your own wedding band, you will enjoy honoring faith and love for a lifetime…

If you’re looking for a piece that really captures the beauty and spirit of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, you’ll love wearing this ring, rather than a plain gold wedding band.

Better Than a Plain Gold Band…

This ring has more richness and dimension that a typical plain wedding band, and it carries deeper symbolism that is very appropriate for a lifetime romantic commitment…

This design will add richness to your bridal jewelry look; it’s the perfect complement to any engagement ring, but looks particularly fine with our own Celtic engagement rings.

Sleek and so comfortable to wear, each ring that we offer is created right in Ireland for true authenticity, and every piece that we sell is available in a range of finishes.

When you choose this style, you’ll be able to get the look you want, and you’ll also be able to choose your preferred price point.

Customize the Look for your Taste and Budget

We offer our rings in 10 karat and 14 karat gold. You may choose a yellow or white gold finish to match your engagement ring.

For budget-conscious shoppers, we also provide a beautiful – and affordable – silver band that is available for only $78.00.

Our silver option gives the look of shining white gold, without the higher price tag, and it is a perfect way to keep your wedding expenses in check as you prepare to walk down the aisle.

Your intended may also want to choose a Celtic wedding band on the big day. For men, we offer some wonderfully rugged pieces that will add a little individuality and meaning to any wedding look…

Choose a Celtic Wedding Band for Your Groom-to-be

Our unisex Mo Anam Cara Faith Wedding Ring is a perfect option for him.

The Gaelic words engraved on each ring mean, “My Soul Mate”, and they are accented with traditional Celtic rope detailing and a smooth, polished band.

Substantial and designed to stand out, this unique ring is available in sterling silver, 10k gold, and 14k gold. Yellow and white gold styles are available.

When you choose a gold design, you may select monochrome or two-toned styling.

If you want matching bands, our unisex Celtic wedding rings will give you coordinated style with a touch of true Irish romance…

As you can see, we offer beautiful choices for your wedding day, each of them bestowed with design features that evoke centuries of Celtic design and culture.

Treat yourself and your groom-to-be to wedding rings that lack the generic look of plain gold bands…go for something truly special by ordering our handmade pieces today.

Each ring that we offer is stamped for purity at the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle, and each one comes to you in an attractive gift box.