The Silver Trinity Knot and Pearl Pendant

Simplicity is the most beautiful thing in the world, and, often, it’s the hardest thing to achieve.

When you choose our striking Silver Trinity Knot and Pearl pendant, you’ll enjoy stunning simplicity that is still bestowed with plenty of symbolic meaning.

Our lovely pendant honors the Holy Trinity – each segment of its tripartite Trinity Knot motif symbolizes Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Also known as the Triquetra, this ancient Celtic symbol is a powerful expression of faith that also signifies Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage.

Each handmade, teardrop-shaped pendant is adorned with the lustrous elegance of a single, shimmering pearl.

Crafted from fine sterling silver, our Celtic pearl pendants are created in the Emerald Isle and then stamped at the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle.

Choose Matching Earrings for a Classic, Coordinated Effect…

Drop earrings are such a feminine choice; these types of earrings always add beauty to a woman’s face.

If you’re a fan of delicate earrings that dress up any kind of outfit, you’ll adore our Silver Trinity Knot and Pearl Earrings.

As soon as you put these lovely Trinity Knot earrings on, you’ll feel more polished, pulled-together, and stylish.

If you wear our earrings with your pearl pendant, you’ll enjoy coordinated style that is second to none.

Made from affordable sterling silver and genuine pearls, these reasonably-priced, handcrafted designs also make a meaningful gift for any lady with Celtic heritage.

Add a Lovely Ring to Complete Your Collection…

Show off a French manicure by adding a little Celtic style into the mix! In fact, any shade of nail polish will accent the beauty of our Silver Trinity Knot and Pearl Ring.

Crafted with a unique Trinity Knot setting, each ring features a gorgeous, genuine freshwater pearl.

To highlight the creamy lustre of this pretty and affordable designs, consider painting your nails with a coat of trendy OPI nail color in silvery-white Kyoto Pearl.

If you prefer a classic, soft-pink polish look, try OPI Soft Shade nail color in I Pink I Love You.

Collect Our Designs One by One…or Treat Yourself to the Whole Collection…

Embrace the legacy and meaning of the spiritual Trinity Knot symbol by collecting our pearl-and-silver designs.

Select one piece to start your collection, or treat yourself to all three pieces for an instant jewelry wardobe that is utterly timeless and so wearable.

Many women enjoy connecting with their own ancestry by wearing authentic Celtic jewelry that features the old symbols.

You’ll love the way the ancient Trinity Knot motif evokes thousands of years of Celtic history and culture.

Every silver Trinity Knot and Pearl design we offer is sent out in a pretty gift box, direct from the Emerald Isle…