How to Be an Irish Bride

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17th), we want to share some charming and traditional tips for brides-to-be with Irish ancestry.

If you’re planning to marry this spring or summer, you may want to add a little Gaelic flavour to your wedding gown, wedding accessories, and wedding decor.

Honoring your family background will be the perfect way to express your Irish pride as you walk down the aisle. There are many ways to inject the spirit of the Emerald Isle into your wedding day look and your ceremony and reception.

Let’s explore some fun (yet elegant) ways to add classic Celtic beauty to your special wedding day:

Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

The Emerald Isle is world-renowned for its gorgeous Irish lace, so why not evoke the beauty of Ireland by choosing a snow-white, lacy gown with a delicate, vintage feel?

If you prefer a more modern bridal dress, consider purchasing some lovely Irish lace and having it made into a beautiful, sheer wedding veil. Traditional and so feminine, lace adds a romantic air to any Gaelic-inspired wedding outfit.

In Ireland, brides-to-be carry handkerchiefs for good luck; in the old days, these white handkerchiefs, which were crafted from fine linens, cottons, and/or Irish lace, were turned into baby bonnets upon the arrival of the couple’s first-born.

Handkerchiefs are supposed to bring brides-to-be the “luck of the Irish” on their big day by ensuring them a happy marriage. You may tuck your handkerchief into your bodice or garter if you’d rather not carry it down the aisle.

Go for a Fun Themed Wedding

To capture a medieval Irish look (one that coordinates beautifully with a Middle Ages-themed wedding), consider wearing a rich gown of garnet-colored velvet or creamy lace; rich emerald green fabrics will also look lovely.

These types of medieval gowns should feature sleeves that reach the fingertips, square or scooped necklines, and empire waists. Of course, you will need to dress your groom in complementary attire to give your themed wedding the right look.

Even if your groom-to-be is less than enthused about donning armor and cloaks (or other medieval attire), he may be willing to indulge you to some degree. Some men actually enjoy the fantasy element of themed weddings, which tend to be a little more lighthearted than typical nuptials.

If you and your intended love Renaissance Faires and the like, you may wish to recreate a sense of medieval Irish splendor on your big day…

Select Traditional Irish Bridal Jewelry for the Perfect Look

Your engagement ring will set the tone for an exquisite wedding ceremony that is truly unforgettable. To get the Irish look, why not choose a stunning, handcrafted 14k Diamond Set Claddagh Engagement Ring that features romantic Irish symbols of undying love and loyalty?

Our three-diamond showpiece is made right in the Emerald Isle for true Gaelic authenticity. The setting of each gorgeous ring is engraved with a dazzling array of crowned-hearts, gently held by pairs of tiny hands.

This unique spin on the traditional Irish Claddagh Ring is a ring you’ll treasure for a lifetime, and it will definitely serve as inspiration for a wedding with a little Emerald Isle charm.

Our stunning bridal ring is available in yellow-and-white gold (as shown above), or in a white gold finish.

More Ideas and Irish Wedding Traditions…

Irish brides-to-be often carry tiny silver or ceramic horseshoes on their wedding days; this fun tradition goes back for centuries, and it is quintessentially Gaelic.

Horses represented wealth in the Middle Ages and beyond, so tucking a “lucky horseshoe” into a bridal gown is believed to bring material wealth to the new couple. Try it on your own wedding day and see what happens!

To add Irish beauty to your ceremony, choose lovely flowers that evoke the beauty of Ireland; wild Irish Heather and wild roses will be perfect.

Add Emerald Isle style to wedding invitations by adorning them with Trinity Knot motifs, or Claddagh crowned-heart-and-hands symbols that match your Irish engagement ring or wedding band.

For the reception, choose vivid, emerald-green or Kelly-green table coverings, and serve traditional Irish food and drink – you’re guests will love the novely of it, and it will still be very elegant and refined.

Choose traditional Irish toasts and proverbs to inspire your guests during the festivities, and, by all means, hire a fine Irish fiddler or harpist to entertain your guests.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Irish Celtic Jewels

We wish you all the best, and we hope you have a wonderful time celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day tomorrow.

Be sure to spend some quality time with family and friends on this special day, and do consider an outing to a lively Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.

Your city’s traditional Irish pubs will also be wonderful places to enjoy Gaelic music and a pint of Guinness.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!