Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the World

At Irish Celtic Jewels, we tend to focus on the Emerald Isle and its beauty, culture, and ancient symbolism; however, since it is the most romantic day of the year, we’d like to honor this special occasion by taking our readers on a Valentine journey around the globe.

In every country, this charming and meaningful special occasion has its own unique rituals and celebrations…some of which may surprise or amuse you!

A few of these Valentine’s Day traditions may even inspire you to show your love in a whole new way as you celebrate with your partner today and this evening…

Here is our quick guide to some fun and fascinating Valentine’s Day rituals from all around the world…


In Mexico, Valentine’s Day is called El Día del Amor y la Amistad, which means, “day of love and friendship”; this special day isn’t just for lovers…it’s also the perfect time to show special friends just how valued they really are.

However, this holiday does have a romantic component, and men show their ladies exactly how they feel by standing under their windows with a mariachi band in tow! This trio of Mexican musicians will stroll and strum as an aspiring Romeo declares his passion.

In 2009, a vast group of romantic Mexican men and women made it into the Guinness Book of World Records by converging in Zocalo main square on Valentine’s Day…almost 40,000 people then smooched their partners to set a new record for “simultaneous kissing”.

As they puckered up, these passionate people were serenaded by a traditional Mexican love ballad, Besame Mucho (Kiss Me a Lot)…


In Germany, Valentine’s Day is known as Valentinstag, and it’s quite a grown-up holiday.

While children in many countries will participate in Valentine’s Day celebrations, this is really not the case in Germany, where this special occasion has a pronounced lustful element!

To celebrate this romantic special occasion, Germans often give their love interests bonbons adorned with hearts and marzipan pink pigs; these cartoonish, porcine characters are often posed in some rather provocative positions.

In Germany, pigs are a symbol of good luck and a strong libido…


The Japanese traditionally celebrate Valentine’s Day on two different dates, and the first of these occurs on February 14th.

At this time, ladies offer men chocolate to show their appreciation; these bonbons may be given in the spirit of romance, or to friends or co-workers. The most romantic gifts of chocolate are known as Honmei-choko.

According to tradition, Japanese men then reciprocate by giving their love interests gifts on March 14th, which is commonly known as “white day”.

Most Japanese people do not follow the custom of sending paper Valentine’s cards to their special someones.



In the Emerald Isle, the unique and resonant beauty of the Irish Claddagh Ring makes it a traditional gift choice on February 14th.

Designed to be given as a token of affection, the crowned-heart-and-hands motif of the Claddagh symbolizes loyalty in love…

The first Claddagh ring was created in medieval times, by a Galway fisherman-turned-goldsmith who wanted to show his true love exactly how much she meant to him; today, Claddagh rings may be worn as engagement rings or wedding bands.

Men and women both wear Claddagh Rings…typically, styles for men will be simpler gold or silver designs without any special embellishments.

Irish women who are offered Claddagh Rings on Valentine’s Day may receive traditional pieces or beautifully embellished, glamorous designs, such as the stunning, handmade 14k White Gold Diamond Claddagh Ring shown at left.

Why not treat your true love to a taste of romantic Irish tradition? Offer your partner a Claddagh ring that is the perfect way to say, “I love you”…

Happy Valentine’s Day from Irish Celtic Jewels!