Traditional Celtic Beauty for Your Wedding Day

Our Ladies Infinity Wedding Band symbolizes eternity, and it is a beautiful choice for your wedding ceremony.

This simple, yet striking gold band is a subtle and elegant way to display your Irish, Scottish or Welsh roots as you marry.

Available in a reasonably-priced silver finish, or in white gold or yellow gold, our signature Celtic design is handmade in the Emerald Isle and stamped in the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle.

Our silver version retails for only $73.00, making it an ideal choice for brides-to-be on a budget.

Our 10k rings are available for only $328.00, and our 14k rings retail for $479.00. Our gold designs may be ordered in white or yellow finishes according to your own tastes.

Perfect as a complement to a traditional Celtic engagement ring, or lovely all on its own, our pretty and meaningful band is a perfect expression of your lifelong commitment to your partner.

Versatile and So Pleasing to the Eye…

The flowing lines of this special piece make it a pleasure to wear and to behold…this unique design represents a fine example of traditional Celtic knot work.

For thousands of years, the Celts have used this type of knot work to adorn art treasures, ancient manuscripts, and stone Celtic Crosses.

Today’s Irish jewelers now reference this rich cultural heritage by adding interlace detailing to their silver and gold wedding bands.

Honor your heritage as you make a lifetime commitment to your fiancé…choose our stunning knot work band to wear as a symbol of your everlasting love…

Choose a Coordinating Diamond Engagement Ring that Honors Your Heritage

Our 14kt Princess Cut Diamond Trinity Knot Ring will coordinate beautifully with a white or yellow gold infinity wedding band.

This luxurious solitaire engagement ring features a stunning knot work setting that symbolizes Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Adorned with a dazzling princess-cut diamond, our striking Celtic engagement ring is available in a two-toned 14 gold finish, or in monochrome white gold.

Customize the look to match your Celtic wedding band, and enjoy a perfect combination that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Every piece we sell is painstakingly crafted by hand, right in Ireland; for true Celtic authenticity, there is no better choice…

Visit our Bridal Ring Gallery to View All of Our Lovely Designs…

To see all of our bridal ring designs, please visit our online boutique; we offer a range of traditional engagement rings and wedding band styles that feature Celtic knot work, Irish Claddagh Symbols, and romantic words written in Gaelic script.

To add more beauty to your wedding, incorporate some other Celtic traditions into the mix; for example, pipers, fiddlers, or harpists might be chosen as your wedding musicians.

Wedding invitations featuring embossed Trinity Knot symbols or Claddagh motifs are also a lovely way to set a theme for your nuptials.

If you’re feeling particularly inspired, you might even want to consider a medieval-style wedding with a jolly wedding feast. The most important thing is to express yourself and live out your dreams on the big day!