Celtic Silver and Pearl Jewelry

The beauty of lustrous genuine pearls makes them a classic choice for any woman.

Creamy, shimmering pearls are a pleasure to wear, and they become very original and meaningful when they are combined with sterling silver beads engraved with Celtic Trinity Knots.

For this reason, our pearl-and-silver Celtic jewelry (such as the necklace shown above) is a popular choice and a collectible option for ladies of all ages.

We offer earrings, necklaces and bracelets with coordinated designs – all of these pieces feature pearls and fine silver for a stunning and unique effect that is bestowed with a touch of Celtic beauty and symbolism…

You can collect one piece at a time, or treat yourself to a coordinated set that looks absolutely wonderful with any outfit you put on.

Classic Celtic design with a touch of modern flair is what our pearl-and-silver collection is all about.

About the Trinity Knot Engravings

Gorgeous sterling silver beads (such as the Sterling Silver Trinity Knot and Pearl Earrings shown at left) feature a sprinkling of tiny, exquisitely engraved Trinity Knots.

These symbols have three equal segments that interlock – each segment represents Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

For centuries, the Trinity Knot has been a symbol of the Holy Trinity in Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Today, the Trinity Knot holds its place as one of the Celtic people’s most beloved Christian motifs.

Spiritual and beautiful, these delicate and feminine designs are meant to be cherished and adored.

Versatile and Beautiful…

Wearing a matching set of handmade Celtic pearl-and-silver jewelry is a wonderful way to add a touch of polish and sophistication to your outfits.

Pretty enough to be chosen as bridal jewelry that sets off a white wedding dress to perfection, these designs are also versatile enough to add panache to a tailored business suit, or a crisp white shirt and skinny jeans.

How you wear the collection is up to you – use your own personal style to make these affordable designs your own!

Let’s have a look at these Celtic pearl-and-silver designs…

The Bracelet…

Show off a pretty manicure and soft, moisturized hands with our signature Sterling Silver Pearl Celtic Knot Bracelet – it’s bound to become a piece of jewelry that you reach for almost every day.

This bracelet is a perfect – and delightfully subtle – way to show your pride in your own Celtic ancestry…it’s also a poignant expression of faith.

If you’re looking for a way to connect with your own Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage, you’ll love the ancient Trinity Knot symbols that decorate each sterling silver bead.

This bracelet is handcrafted right in Ireland – in fact, our whole pearl-and-silver Celtic collection is made in the Emerald Isle, and stamped at the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle.

The Drop Pendant…

Fashionable and truly chic, our Sterling Silver Pearl Celtic Knot Pendant will look perfect with a v-neck t-shirt or a sultry little black dress.

Designed to call attention to the lovely lines of a woman’s throat, this stunning piece features graduated pearls and silver beads, along with a delicate sterling silver chain.

Fresh and current, our drop necklace is trendy enough for young ladies, and classic enough to please even the most traditonal woman.

This pendant will make an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, as it’s such a romantic and feminine design…

The Rope of Pearls Necklace…

Classic strands of pearls call to mind the ice-cool elegance of the young Grace Kelly – today, vintage style is hotter than ever, and rope pearl necklaces are making quite a comeback.

These necklaces are substantial enough to get noticed, but they’re still so comfortable to wear.

Enjoy the creamy beauty of pearls and the gleam of precious metals…treat yourself to our Sterling Silver Pearl Celtic Knot Necklace today.

This is the only strand of pearls you’ll find that also honors your own family background, and it’s much more affordable than you might expect…

The Earrings…

Our Sterling Silver Trinity Knot and Pearl Drop Earrings will make you feel prettier every time you put them on – drop earrings are such a fun luxury – they always make a woman look more pulled together and glamorous…

If you’re searching for the ultimate pair of affordable drop earrings, you may find that these lovely, handmade earrings are just right for you.

Created to be exceptionally comfortable to wear, these earrings are bound to become treasured additions to your jewelry box.

Two lustrous graduated pearls are enhanced by a larger silver bead adorned with Trinity Knots.

A perfect expression of Celtic artistry, our earrings also make a thoughtful gift idea for a friend or loved one…

Happy New Year from Irish Celtic Jewels!