Sale-priced Charms For 30 Percent Off…While They Last

Now and then, the designers at Tara’s Diary decide to retire certain charms in order to make room for a host of new styles.

Right now, we are offering a range of these exciting (and retiring) charm choices for a full thirty percent off of the regular list price.

These charms are gorgeous additions to any charm bracelet.

This sale lasts only while supplies are in stock – for those who order soon, our low prices offer an excellent way to choose truly economical Christmas presents for loved ones.

After all, every one of these sterling silver designs is made by hand in Ireland, and each one features the most exquisite craftsmanship.

Authentic Celtic jewelry is something to treasure – the symbols found on most of these sale-priced pieces date back to the Middle Ages, and they play an important role in Celtic history and culture.

Here are a few highlights from this special sale:

Beauty and Quality at 30% Off

Art glass, polished enamels, and brilliant silversmith’s work characterizes these beautiful Celtic charms – every one of these pieces is special and precious.

To treat a special friend or loved one for the holidays, consider choosing two or three complementary charms that have different materials, textures and effects.

With our sale prices, it will so easy to get value for every dollar you spend.

Our “Sister” charm (shown above) is a simple and beautiful expression of a very important bond.

This type of Tara’s Diary Irish Sister Charm will look perfect with a complementary glass bead charm, such as the Tara’s Diary Glass Blue Flower Charm shown at the top of this blog.

Our Tara’s Diary Trinity Knot with Enamel Blue or Purple charm (shown at left) is another lovely choice from the new sale.

Decorated with simple and striking Trinity Knots, this piece symbolizes the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

Designed to add a welcome shot of color to any charm bracelet, this square bead is an elegant, low-key way to show pride in Irish, Scottish and Welsh heritage.

For those who are familiar with Celtic history, the classic and spiritual Trinity Knot symbol is instantly recognizable, and quite powerful…


If you’re a Mom, or want to honor a special baby’s birth this Christmas, the Tara’s Diary Kids Pacifier and Celtic Knot charm will be a sweet and appropriate way to do it!

This delicate, whimsical charm features a sterling silver pacifier design, which is gently suspended from a Trinity Knot silver bead.

Pretty and charming enough to wear on a silver necklace chain, or on a traditional charm bracelet, this special piece is now yours for a full thirty percent off…


Birthstone jewelry is such a personal and thoughtful way to show that you care – that’s why our sale-priced Birthstone Tara’s Diary Charm is such a wonderful gift idea for the holidays.

Available for every month of birth, this customized gemstone design features jewels on all four sides…add a touch of glitter and glamour to her bracelet with this stunning, sterling silver showpiece.

Our full list of sale-priced charms offers a range of colorful and symbolic options – there is truly something for everyone…


Shipping Tips From Irish Celtic Jewels

If you’re interested in buying charms for Christmas delivery, you’ve got until December 19th, 2011 to place your order. When you order before our shipping deadline, your jewelry will arrive in time for Christmas morning.

From December 3rd onwards, we’re recommending choosing one of our Fedex shipping options – this will ensure that we can get your order to you in time for Christmas.

If you choose ordinary or registered mail, please contact us about shipping times. We will give you the option to upgrade your shipping method.

Merry Christmas from Irish Celtic Jewels!

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