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Celtic Jewelry Offers Great Value for the Price…

Sterling silver and rhodium Celtic jewelry offers many benefits to money-conscious Christmas shoppers – after all, it’s affordable, it’s handmade, and it’s totally authentic…because each piece we offer is created right in Ireland.

These pieces often take on great sentimental value, and they may even be passed down through the generations.

Not to mention, Celtic jewelry is very beautiful, symbolic, and spiritual – especially our line of dazzling Celtic cross pendants. These designs are a lovely way to honor the spirit of Irish, Welsh or Scottish heritage.

This Christmas, offer her a unique way to connect with her own Celtic ancestry, while also honoring the true meaning of Christmas.

Our silver Celtic crosses are a stunning homage to the artistry and faith of the ancient Celts.

The Legacy of the Celtic Cross…

Strong and bold, the Celtic Cross (or High Cross) holds its place in the history and culture of the British Isles. Designed with a distinctive central ring that is a remnant of Pagan Sun Worship, this ancient symbol of faith is nonetheless a truly Christian monument.

According to Celtic lore, St. Patrick mixed the symbology of the Pagan cross with that of the Christian cross, creating an entirely new motif that would help him to convert the Irish to Christ.

By cleverly holding on to components of Pagan religion, he was able to attract more Pagans to the One True Faith.

While historians will always argue about the origins of the Celtic cross, it’s entirely possible that Ireland’s lauded patron saint really did combine Pagan with Christian in order to ease Irish men, women and children into a new religion…

Often, Celtic crosses that appear in the churchyards of Ireland, Scotland and Wales feature intricate knot work patterns that add dimensional beauty (and yet more hidden meaning) to the striking stone works.

Generally, knot work symbolizes eternity, because its lines are interconnected and never-ending…

While the first Celtic crosses were made of precious materials, such as silver, they were often pillaged by Vikings.

In time, the Irish monks who were the primary artisans of Celtic crosses learned to keep materials simple, inexpensive, and very weighty, so that crosses were less likely to be stolen.

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