You’ll Love Our Affordable Claddagh Earrings

Irish Claddagh drop earrings add instant style to any outfit, and they work with a variety of looks – from casual jeans and tees to evening dresses.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to start a Celtic jewelry collection that honors your family’s ancestry, why not choose a special pair of earrings from our new selection of traditional Claddagh designs?

The symbols engraved on these beautiful earrings make them a meaningful choice for anyone with Celtic heritage; each pair of earrings features ancient motifs that first appeared in the Middle Ages.

Love, loyalty, and hope are common themes in Gaelic Claddagh symbolism…

Crafted from the best sterling silver, rhodium and cz gemstones, our new pieces are handcrafted right in Ireland; each pair of earrings is painstakingly designed to show fine detail.

These Celtic earrings are perfect gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season; of course, they can also be a great treat to yourself.

Here are some pretty choices from our Celtic Claddagh earring collection, along with a little helpful information about exactly what the crowned-heart-and-hands symbols really mean:

Our Claddagh Earring Collection

Enjoy a little Irish charm with our romantic Silver and Stone Set Claddagh Earrings. Each pair of handmade silver, rhodium, and cz (green and white gemstones) earrings features the traditional crowned-heart-and-hands Claddagh motif.

These delicate drop earrings symbolize adoration that never dies; the crowned heart illustrates endless loyalty and love, and the tiny hands that hold it in place seem to “offer” the heart to another.

Tender and sweet, the Claddagh symbol has become a world-renowned symbol of friendship, affection, and love.

Perfect as a gift for a “BFF” or family member, these earrings may also be given in the spirit of romantic love…fortunately, each pair of earrings is amazingly affordable.

If you already have other Claddagh jewelry, such as a Claddagh ring or pendant, these earrings will look wonderful with your current jewelry collection.

More Claddagh Beauty

Sterling silver and gold/rhodium plating add shimmer to these beautiful Silver and Gold Plated Claddagh Earrings; a sleek circular border is the ideal backdrop for a gleaming golden heart-shaped center.

This two-toned design is an exceptional example of Celtic craftsmanship; exquisite engraving and silversmithing are apparent in every single detail, from the smooth, perfect circles surrounding the Claddagh symbols, to the experly-wrought hands, heart, and tiny crown…

Love, loyalty, friendship…all are recognized and honored in the symbolism of these unique earrings…


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