Handcrafted Claddagh Beauty For Her

Claddagh lore is a big part of Irish culture – the ancient Gaelic symbols found on today’s beautiful Claddagh jewelry designs have a rich history and lots of unique symbolism.

One example of fascinating Claddagh lore is the story of the medieval fishermen of Galway, Ireland, and the way that they used Claddagh symbols to protect their waters…

The same crowned-heart-and-hands symbols you will find on our Ladies Silver Claddagh and Celtic Band were once emblazoned on the sails of the fishing boats of this small fishing village .

To keep their waters free from interlopers, village fishermen, who had their own “Fisher King”to lead them, would drive out any vessels that did not display the Claddagh symbols.

In fact, in some instances, the lack of Claddagh symbols on an unfurled sail might trigger violence at sea.

For centuries, this symbol of love and loyalty has been linked with the singular culture of Galway’s Fisher Kings and townspeople…

Everlasting Love…

Perfect as a reasonably-priced wedding band, or simply as a stunning addition to any jewelry wardrobe, our signature Claddagh and Celtic band is also available in a men’s version (shown at left).

The Gents Silver Claddagh and Celtic Band features an attractive wide band that is rugged enough to please any man…

If you’re planning your wedding, choosing matching bands that honor your Gaelic heritage can be a meaningful way to show your pride in your Irish ancestry.


Galway – Home Of The first Claddagh Ring

Today, tourists flock to Galway, Ireland to visit attractions (such as the Claddagh Ring Museum) that showcase the appeal and legacy of the very first Claddagh Ring.

The original Claddagh ring was created in the Middle Ages, by a Galway native, Richard Joyce, who was kidnapped while working as a sailor abroad.

Forced to toil in the workshop of a Moorish goldsmith, Joyce pined for his true love, Margaret, who waited loyally in Galway for his return.

Margaret, like her enslaved beau, never gave up on their relationship. Against incredible odds, Joyce was released after years of slavery, and he soon boarded a ship bound for his home town.

When he arrived, he gave Margaret a special gold ring adorned with a crowned heart, held by two tiny hands…

Today, men and women exchange these meaningful rings on their wedding day, and friends and romantic partners also give each other Claddagh jewelry designs as tokens of affection…



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  1. I was in Ireland in 2011 and found these rings in Galway. I purchased one and have worn it ever since as my great grandfathers came from Wexford and Armagh. Irish blood runs thick in my veins.

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