Our Stunning New Take On The Classic Irish Claddagh Ring

Our 14k Claddagh Heart and Trinity Knot Ring puts a new spin on a beloved Irish classic…

Typically, an Irish Claddagh ring will feature two tiny hands, holding a pretty crowned heart; with our inventive new design, Celtic Trinity Knots flank the crowned heart motif, symbolizing faith and eternity…

The crowned heart is a symbol of love and loyalty, and it blends beautifully with the spiritual meaning of the three-part Trinity Knot design.

Each segment of a Trinity Knot illustrates Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, so this handcrafted ring is a lovely mixture of romantic feeling and ancient Christian symbology…

About The Triquetra

Also known as the Triquetra, the Trinity Knot (as shown as left) actually predates Christianity, and it was a commonly-used motif on rune stones and currency in Germany and Scandinavia.

During these Pagan times, the primitive Triquetra symbol echoed the design of the Germanic/Old Norse Valknut symbol, which was composed of three triangles.

Believed to be an homage to the Old Norse god Odin, the Valknut (as illustrated below, at left) may have been used to honor the dead, since its interlocked triangles represented Odin’s power over the thoughts, emotions, and actions of human beings…

The Valknut – Did It Inspire The First Triquetra?

Odin was believed to have an unprecedented ability to control the minds of others, and many believe that the Valknut is a symbol of this unique power.

Perhaps inspired by the strong imagery of the Valknut symbol, artists embraced the ancient Triquetra, or Trinity Knot, and it soon began to appear on Celtic stonework in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Celtic Crosses and slabworks of the sixth century often featured the three triangle motif (usually in tandem with other Celtic symbols), which is markedly more delicate and refined than the rugged Valknut symbol of the Old Norse people.

Insular Art In Ireland, Scotland and Wales

During this phase, which came to be known as the Insular Art Period, medieval Irish monks (along with other artisans, usually from Ireland) began to use the ancient Triquetra to represent the Holy Trinity – each triangle symbolized Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Throughout the centuries, this symbol has endured to become a uniquely Celtic expression of faith, and belief in eternity…

The Book of Kells is the most famous example of Triquetra usage in medieval Insular Art.

Also Available In Yellow Gold

You can honor your own Irish, Scottish, or Welsh heritage by choosing our stunning 14k Claddagh Heart and Trinity Knot Ring, which is also available in beautiful yellow gold.

The power of the ancient Triquetra is melded with the romance and loyal spirit of the Claddagh crowned heart, creating a modern-day work of art that any woman will come to treasure.

If budget is a concern, you should know that we offer two types of gold at different price points – each ring can be customized with a 10k or 14k finish in yellow or white gold..

Embrace Celtic culture by choosing a special piece of jewelry that helps you to connect with the world of your own ancestors. Visit our jewelry store to find more exciting styles that honor your heritage…