More Customizable Celtic Rings You Can Make Your Own

We get tons of valuable feedback from our clients, and we’re always listening carefully. To reflect market conditions, such as the high cost of gold, we’ve begun offering more versatility to our customers by giving them a choice of karat weights and precious metals.

Whether you want affordable sterling silver, ten karat gold, or fourteen karat gold, we’ve put together a range of practical and beautiful options that put you in the driver’s seat, giving you total control over your budget and the look of your Celtic jewelry.

By offering different price points, we open up affordability, while still offering you handmade pieces that are authentic, lovely, and created right in Ireland.

Whichever material you select, you’ll be pleased to know that the symbols, engraving, or Gaelic (old Irish) lettering on your piece will be painstakingly crafted to honor your own Irish, Scottish, or Welsh heritage.

Here’s a look at some exciting new designs that offer unprecedented versatility, customization, and quality…

Choose Your Finish And Price Point For The Perfect Piece Of Celtic Jewelry

Is he “the love of your heart?” – if he is, and you’re marrying him, you may want to feature this touching phrase on your Gra Geal Mo Chroi Irish Script Ladies Wedding Band.

Of course, these romantic words are written in Gaelic script that reads, “‘Gra Geal Mo Chroi’ (love of my heart) – these old Irish words offer a little touch of beauty and mystery that also references your own Irish heritage.

Available in 14 karat gold, more inexpensive 10 karat gold, or very reasonably-priced sterling silver, our customizable Gaelic script wedding band will look beautiful on its own or paired with a traditional Irish engagement ring…

Gorgeous Ogham Styling For Any Price Point…

Available in 14 karat gold, 10 ten karat gold, or silver, this unusual and stunning Trinity Knot and Ogham Wedding Style Faith Band design can also be selected in a two-toned yellow and white gold color scheme.

Beautiful Celtic wedding rings, such as this stellar design, are meant to honor Celtic heritage while also pleasing the wearer with their beauty and quality.

Delicate Trinity Knots, which symbolize, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, decorate the circumference of the ring, while beautiful Ogham script (an ancient Irish written language) is expertly engraved into every handmade piece.

Celebrate The Strength Of Your Love With Celtic Warrior Shield Symbols

Celtic warrior shield motifs symbolize strength, bravery and loyalty; the designs featured on this exquisite Ladies Signature Two Tone Celtic Shield Wedding Band are inspired by an ancient Irish war treasure, the Ardagh Chalice.

This signature design is available in two tones of 14 or 10 karat gold; it’s also available in yellow gold, with a sterling silver center that makes the piece more affordable.

Our warrior shield wedding bands are a wonderful way to add Celtic spirit to your bridal jewelry – each piece we offer references centuries of Irish, Scottish and Welsh culture.

The Right Piece At The Right Price

Our customizable pieces are made to be enjoyed at a wide range of price points; it’s so easy to find the right piece at the right price!

If you’ve dreamed of a Celtic wedding ring, but you’ve also worried about the cost of buying a 14 karat gold design, there are more inexpensive options that are still gorgeous – after all, 10 karat gold or gleaming sterling silver will always be timeless, high-quality choices.