Indy Irish Fest – Indianapolis, Indiana – Sept. 16 – 18, 2011

This year’s Indy Irish Fest promises to be an action-packed, joyous way to celebrate your own Emerald Isle ancestry.

If you’re proud to be Irish, let it show by attending this charming social event, which takes place in Military Park, right in downtown Indianapolis.

Running from Sept. 16th to Sept. 18th, 2011, the Indy Irish Fest offers a host of family-friendly activities to festivalgoers, including sheep herding demonstrations, a Celtic Canines petting area that is perfect for little ones, and a range of wholesome, Gaelic-inspired games and contests for children.

Of course, this festival offers more than adorable animals and children’s games – it’s also a blast for grown-ups, who always look forward to some exceptional live musical entertainment at this annual Irish event.

This year, headliners The Elders, Celtic Spring, and the Prodigals (among many other amazing acts) grace the main stage to share their unique Celtic rock, Celtic traditional music, and more…

If you want to stay active while you experience the festival, sign up for the Fun Run 5K, or simply experience the thrill of competition by watching the Kilted Mile race, which features participants adorned in the Celtic costume of bonnie Scotland. Rugby and soccer are also on the schedule.

This festival features a cultural area where attendees can unwind and enjoy some excellent food and drink from local vendors; there will also be world-champion level Irish dancing, pub nights, and a toast contest for festivalgoers with a touch of the famous Irish “gift of gab”.

To learn more about the festival, visit the Indy Irish Fest website