Gold Prices Are Soaring – But Why?

In some cases, gold jewelry designs have as much as tripled in price over the past few years, due to increases in the price of raw gold…but why is the price of gold soaring?

The simple answer is that gold has passed the test of time – in fact, since the days of the Old Testament, gold has held onto its value like no other precious metal on earth.

The unparalleled ability of gold to retain its value has made it a popular choice with those who have lost faith in banking systems and stock market exchanges.

Is Gold A Safer Investment Than Mutual Funds Or Savings Bonds?

People are buying gold and then storing it far away from financial institutions; in some cases, a survivalist mentality may fuel the desire to stockpile gold jewelry, Krugerrand gold coins, ingots and gold bricks.

History has proven that gold will always be an acceptable currency that can be traded for necessities or luxuries – even in times of upheaval, such as natural disasters or wars, gold can usually be used to barter for food, water, fuel, shelter, and transportation.

That’s why many people are investing in the precious metal – of course, investing in gold jewelry can be a great way to enjoy beautiful rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings, while also accumulating a collection of pieces that will likely never lose their monetary value.

In fact, all signs point to the value of this precious metal going even higher in the future…

With many people losing money on retirement funds, stocks, and other “paper” investments, gold represents security that can’t be wiped out by a “bear” market…

To get the most out of buying gold jewelry, consider choosing 14 karat pieces that have more purity than 10 karat gold…here are some examples of 14 karat gold choices from our collection of gold Celtic jewelry…

14 Karat Gold Beauty…With Plenty Of Celtic Tradition

Celebrate Celtic history and culture by choosing our decorative 14 karat gold Ladies Infinity Wedding Band…adorned with gentle, curving waves of gold that crisscross endlessly, this delicate interlace band is a fine example of traditional Celtic knot work style.

The knot work patterns on this simple, yet hypnotic design symbolize eternity…

Available in a range of finishes, including 14k yellow or white gold, our design is also available in affordable sterling silver.

Every Infinity Wedding Band we offer is handmade in the Emerald Isle and stamped at the Assay Office of Dublin Castle.


Claddagh Beauty Can Be A Great Investment

Our rich and dimensional 14k Maids Claddagh Ring is one of the most distinctive Irish jewelry styles you will find, and it’s crafted from beautiful and precious yellow or white gold.

This ring represents centuries of Gaelic tradition, as the very first Claddagh ring was designed to represent undying love, loyalty, and faith.

Today, men and women wear Claddagh rings to show their romantic status (wearing the crown outwards symbolizes availability, while wearing the crown facing inwards shows that the wearer is “taken”) – and their romantic spirit!

In fact, many people choose to exchange gold Irish Claddagh rings in lieu of plain gold wedding rings…

Celtic Engagement Rings Are The Perfect Way To Invest In 14k Gold – and Diamonds…

A stunning 14k Diamond Set Claddagh ring with a touch of ancient medieval glamour will be treasured for a lifetime, and it’s a wonderful way to begin collecting a valuable jewelry wardrobe that is a good financial investment.

After all, diamonds are also valuable items with great resale value – therefore, the combination of diamonds and high-quality 14 karat gold is a winner.

This sort of ring is a showpiece that also symbolizes love, romance, and commitment. Each handmade Celtic engagement ring is adorned with a feminine Claddagh setting, which features the traditional crowned heart and hands motif.

Love, loyalty, and affection are illustrated in every line of this valuable and exquisite square-cut solitaire ring…

Visit Our Jewelry Store To View Our Entire Collection

At Irish Celtic Jewels, we offer a complete online jewelry boutique, stocked with handcrafted designs made from the finest precious metals, gemstones, and pearls…

Our pieces have inherent value, but they also carry great aesthetic appeal; after all, jewelry is so personal, and the pieces we choose to wear say a lot about us.

When a woman chooses Celtic jewelry that honors her Irish, Scottish, or Welsh ancestors, she is displaying her own connection to her heritage. The symbols found on our pieces are timeless motifs that represent the history and culture of the Celts.

Visit our jewelry boutique to view our entire collection of gold pieces, silver designs, and chic charm bracelets; we have something for every taste and budget.