You’ll Love Our New Collection Of Celtic Stacking Rings

We’re proud to show off an exciting new addition to our range of authentic Celtic jewelry designs…our Tara’s Diary Collection stacking rings are beautiful and meaningful examples of true Celtic craftsmanship.

Choosing a special grouping of stack rings is a fashionable, fun way to honor your Irish, Scottish and Welsh heritage, and each ring is handcrafted from the finest sterling silver.

Every design is embellished with a selection of wonderful materials, including bright, cheery enamels, lustrous pearls, CZ diamonds and gemstones, and yellow gold plating.

Once you see these dazzling designs, it will be easy to imagine your own custom configuration of gorgeous stacking rings.

Since each ring is pretty enough to be worn alone, you can start with a single ring and collect new designs whenever the moods strikes.

Choose Your Favorite Color For The Perfect Custom Look

Emerald green is the color of the Emerald Isle, but it’s not your only option for an exciting grouping of stacked Celtic Rings – our pieces are available in white, purple, red, green, and pale pink!

In some cases, gemstones can also be personalized to suit your personal tastes.

Some Highlights From The Collection

Dazzling gemstones and delicate Celtic engraving add impact to a shining, sterling silver setting; our Tara’s Diary Stone Set Stacking Ring can be the perfect centerpiece of your special stack ring configuration.

Available in ruby, pink CZ, amethyst, cubic zirconia, or green CZ, this handcrafted ring is designed to add sparkle and shimmer to your jewelry wardrobe, while also honoring your Celtic background.

A touch of yellow gold plating around the diamater of the solitaire gemstone provides two-toned beauty that really stands out…

To see how fabulous ruby red can look in a grouping of Celtic stack rings, enjoy the details in this amazing set:

As you can see, a mixture of gemstones, enamels, and precious metals can be really stunning, and so much fun to wear





Honor Faith And Spirituality With A Celtic Cross Stacking Ring

The striking simplicity and symbolism of the Celtic Cross makes it one of the most revered symbols of the Celts; the first Celtic Crosses were created by Irish monks, who crafted stunning homages to God, made from the finest metals.

However, when the Vikings invaded Ireland, they often pillaged the beautiful religious works of art. In time, the monks began to craft the crosses from heavy stone, which was heavier, less valuable, and much harder to steal.

Today, Celtic jewelry designers honor the traditions of Celtic spirituality by creating a Tara’s Diary Celtic Cross Stack Ring made from fine silver and yellow gold.

This special piece is a poignant reminder of what is really important in life, and it can be an important piece of jewelry all on its own, or in a group of rings…

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Indulge yourself…visit our website to view the Tara’s Diary Stacking Rings collection, and then treat yourself to a few symbolic rings that have special meaning for you…

From enamel Shamrock rings, to delicate Trinity Knot rings, to golden Claddagh motif rings…we have everything you’ll need to design a collection of stacking rings you’ll love forever…

These rings make a lovely gift idea for any woman with Irish, Scottish, or Welsh ancestry…