Choose A Celtic Wedding Band Carved With Classic Knot Work

Many dramatic television programs, such as HBO’s exciting Game of Thrones, feature flowing, laced gowns, men’s breeches, shining armor, and rugged jewelry that is quite similar to the styles worn in Celtic lands during the Middle Ages.

If you love this sort of medieval beauty, you’ll really appreciate the design of our classic Ladies Two Tone Celtic Wedding Band .

Feminine and pretty, this two-toned band still has a little edge – after all, it’s bold, distinct, and bestowed with mystical inlays carved in the ancient Celtic knot work style.

This sort of ring is for a lady who wants real originality, and also appreciates the history and culture of her Celtic (Irish, Scottish, and Welsh) ancestors…

Celtic Knot Work Is A Timeless Symbol Of Eternity

This type of knot work is also known as Celtic interlace, and it has a hypnotic effect…the lines of Celtic knot work flow endlessly into one another, symbolizing eternity.

For thousands of years (since the sixth century!), men and women have worn jewelry decorated with these timeless designs.

Today, Irish artisans craft wedding rings by hand, honoring the spirit of their medieval ancestors…each piece features painstaking attention to detail, and the finest examples of modern Celtic craftsmanship.

Like the Celtic Crosses of the medieval age, our Celtic wedding rings offer deeper meaning, mystery, and a sense of spirituality…

Superior Quality And Authenticity Make For A Signature Piece You’ll Enjoy For A Lifetime

Our beautiful Celtic wedding bands are made right in the Emerald Isle, and they’re stamped for purity in the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle.

Designed to be worn alone, or with a stunning Celtic engagement ring, (such as the 14k Diamond Set Celtic Knot Engagement Ring shown at left), our special pieces really reflect the most stunning elements of Celtic art and design.

If you’re planning your wedding, treat yourself to a taste of your own heritage – choose a beautiful ring that may just become a family heirloom.