Celebrate A Newborn Baby With A Celtic Charm

Nothing really compares to the feeling of welcoming a new baby into the world.

Whether it’s your own baby boy or girl, or a friend or family member’s newborn, this special occasion is always filled with joy and wonder.

From the impossibly tiny toes and fingers of a baby, to the sweet smell of a newborn’s head…there is so much to marvel at and so much to love…

To mark the occasion, celebrate a baby with our Tara’s Diary Kids Pacifier and Celtic Knot charm.

As a treat for yourself, or a thoughtful gift for someone else, this charm is sure to gain sentimental value over time…

Designed to fit our Tara’s Diary Charm bracelet collection, this pretty, pacifier-shaped design is crafted from fine sterling silver, and also features exquisite Celtic knot work.

Inexpensive, but still so precious, this delicate charm is the perfect way to honor the innocence, beauty, and sweetness of a newborn.

About The Charm

A perfect, sculptural rendering of a pacifier (or “binky”) gives this lovely sterling silver charm a touch of whimsy; this pleasing design will look lovely on any beloved charm bracelet or charm necklace.

If you’ve been looking for a charm that really illustrates the love you feel for a certain child, you may find that this unique style is the ideal choice.

To add even more visual impact, Irish artisans (who create each charm by hand, right in the Emerald Isle) have adorned the piece with pretty Trinity Knots – these knot work motifs are time-honored symbols of faith.

Each segment of a Celtic Trinity Knot represents Father, Son and Holy Spirit; as a symbol of the Holy Trinity, the striking Trinity Knot always honors faith and eternity.

Since this charm symbolizes the miracle of birth, the Trinity Knot engraving is highly appropriate. Of course, for a baby with Celtic heritage (and his or her new Mommy!), this charm has extra meaning and resonance. This charm is a wonderful keepsake!

After all, the Trinity Knot is one of the most important and recognizable symbols of Celtic history and culture…

Wear It With Other Celtic Charms

These gorgeous bracelets are truly unique, and every Tara’s Diary charm we offer honors Irish, Scottish, or Welsh heritage.

As you can see, a “completed” Celtic bracelet is adorned with a stunning assortment of Celtic charms that feature birthstones, shiny enamelling, expert engraving (with beautiful Celtic symbols), and elegant art glass accents.

Crafted from affordable sterling silver, this starter bracelet and charms are great ways to customize a special jewelry look that celebrates the milestones in your life…and your own Celtic family background.

We also offer a chic charm necklace that allows you to wear a few extra-special charms on a pretty silver chain…

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