The Great American Irish Festival – July 29th -31st, 2011 (Frankfort, New York)

This July, The Great American Irish Festival will be held at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds (2571 Higby Road) in Frankfort, New York; this all-ages event is running from July 29th to July 31st, 2011.

Designed to honor Irish culture and heritage with traditional Gaelic music, dance and activities, this event will featuring musical performers Slide, Barleyjuice, The High Kings, and The Elders (to name just a few).

Multiple stages will feature live performances all through this exciting Irish celebration.

A Cultural Marketplace will offer beautiful Irish handicrafts, as well as workshops and exhibits centered on Ceili (social) dancing, genealogy, and decorative woodworking (among many other fascinating topics).

Other highlights of the festival include a bagpipe competition, a 5k fun run, and an Irish Mass.

If you’re near Frankfort, New York (USA) this July, be sure to drop by and experience the wonders of Irish culture.

If you’re of Irish ancestry, you’ll love this opportunity to meet other Irish-Americans and socalize.

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