Show Your Spirituality With Our New Celtic Cross Pendants

Crafted from rhodium that mimics the look of expensive white gold, our new line of affordable Celtic Cross Pendants also feature 14k gold-plated accents, as well as shining, genuine diamonds and emeralds.

Designed to honor the faith and spirituality of the ancient Celts, each pendant is handcrafted, and stamped at Dublin Castle’s Assay Office; each design comes with a matching sterling silver chain.

Our Pendants Are Beautiful…And Symbolic

If you’ve ever been to Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, you’ve probably seen the beautiful and majestic Celtic crosses and High crosses that dot the landscape; these stone artifacts are usually found in churchyards and cemeteries…

Today, our pendants are crafted with the same strong lines and intricate details as these historically significant Christian momuments.

Our new line of sleek and wearable designs channel centuries of Celtic history

The Trinity Knot is a symbol of Father, Son and Holy Spirit; the Celtic Cross is also a symbol of faith in the Holy Trinity. Each branch of a Celtic cross represents the four directions…by illustrating North, South, East and West, the Celtic cross symbolizes the presence of God everywhere in the natural world.

Celtic crosses may also feature a central ring, believed to symbolize a halo; some historians believe the ring is a motif borrowed from the Pagans, who used it as a symbol of Sun Worship…

To enjoy the beauty of ancient Celtic symbolism, have a look at a couple of wonderful choices, hand-picked from our inspiring new collection of traditional Celtic cross pendants:

Celtic Cross Pendants

Diamond & Emerald Silver Trinity Knot Cross

Our lovely Diamond & Emerald Silver Trinity Knot Cross is a perfect example of the beauty of authentic Celtic design; interlace details, styled from the Celtic Trinity Knot motif, add hypnotic and mystical appeal to the pendant’s unique design.

A central ring paved in tiny, shimmering white diamonds adds sparkle and richness to the piece, giving it a luxurious look that belies its reasonable price.

A glittering, deep-green emerald gemstone rests at the center of the cross, surrounded by contrasting yellow gold.

Perfect for gift giving, this stunning cross will be an ideal gift for any special lady with Irish, Scottish, or Welsh ancestry…

The mixture of textures, materials and ancient symbols used on this handmade design are a wonderful tribute to the master Celtic jewelry makers of the early Middle Ages, who created priceless works of art, including the gilt-and- bronze Tara Brooch…

Silver Diamond & Emerald Trinity Knot Cross Pendant

The Silver Diamond & Emerald Trinity Knot Cross Pendant shown at left features delicate Trinity Knot inlays, crafted in an authentic, Celtic interlace style.

The stylized lines of this sleek cross design are the perfect complement to a single emerald solitaire and ornate, gold-plated knot work. Each branch of this Celtic cross pendant features a sprinkling of icy pavé diamonds along the outer edges.

If you’re looking for a special piece of jewelry, very similar to what your own Celtic ancestors would have worn with their gowns and mantles, you’ll adore this spectacular pendant; it offers a taste of true Celtic design, while also showing your spirituality…