Our Celtic Ruby Engagement Ring

Ruby red is the color of romance, passion, and royalty…for centuries, stunning ruby gemstones have graced the hands (and crowns) of kings, queens, emperors and empresses.

According to legend, the magical properties of the glowing red ruby are believed to bestow power, protection from enemies, and great wealth upon the wearer; this may be one of the reasons why many royal families have chosen to decorate their family crests and crown jewels with these beautiful and precious gems.

Today, Celtic designers have chosen the noble ruby for use in their exquisite 14k Ruby and Diamond Celtic Engagement Ring. This unforgettable design combines the beauty of a genuine ruby solitaire with the sparkle of icy white diamonds; the piece also features intricate Celtic knot work styles in the form of Trinity Knots.

The Trinity Knot Is A Celtic Symbol Of Christian Faith

Every Trinity Knot motif represents faith…each of the Trinity Knot’s three segments illustrate Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Created by Irish monks to honor their Christian faith, the Trinity Knot symbol has existed since the sixth century. It can also be found on the stone crosses and ancient manuscripts (including the Book of Kells) of the early medieval period. The Trinity Knot remains one of the Celts most recognizable and beloved symbols…

Celebrate Your Heritage…And Your True Love…With Our Lovely Ruby Ring

Our ruby engagement ring is designed to be worn with pride, for a lifetime…it is also a powerful symbol of love and spirituality. Many women enjoy choosing Celtic designs for their bridal jewelry; since these pieces feature the same symbols their Irish, Scottish and Welsh ancestors wore on their rings, brooches and pendants, these Celtic wedding rings offer a touching way to connect with Celtic heritage.

We also offer a range of coordinating wedding bands engraved with Celtic symbols; these are available for bride and groom.

The Ladies Celtic Knot Wedding Ring (shown at left) is one perfect Irish jewelry choice to wear with your gorgeous ruby engagement ring. Our engagement rings and wedding bands are available in two-tone yellow and white 14k gold, or sleek, white gold finishes. Each ring is handmade in the Emerald Isle, and stamped at the Assay Office of Dublin Castle.