More Exciting New Celtic Cross Pendants

Last week, we showed you a few selections from our new Celtic Cross pendants collection; this week, we want to introduce you to some more lovely rhodium and gold necklaces, which are also styled after the ancient stone crosses of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Each design we offer is embellished with genuine gemstones that add diamond beauty to the traditional Celtic Cross motif; these exciting and affordable new pendants are crafted by hand in Ireland itself, and stamped at the Assay Office of Dublin Castle.

Celtic interlace (knot work) is used in homage to the ancient Celtic knot work design technique; this hypnotic, latticework style can be traced back to the sixth century.

Many of our pendants also feature a central ring, or halo, which may be a remnant of Pagan sun worship.

Today, the Celtic Cross motif remains a powerful symbol of Celtic faith – from the days of Saint Patrick and Saint Brigid, to the post-millienial age, this unique and striking design continues to illustrate Christian beliefs, and the sanctity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Collection

Silver Diamond Trinity Knot Cross

Simple and striking, our stunning Silver Diamond Trinity Knot Cross features a gold-plated, central Trinity Knot Motif, crafted in the Celtic interlace style; shimmering diamonds add sparkle to the two-tone finish.

Sleek and beautiful, this wearable necklace is made of fine rhodium, which gives the look of expensive white gold, without the “sticker shock”.

Perfect for gift-giving, our signature design offers a unique new spin on an ancient classic.

Each pendant comes with a matching, sterling silver chain; our necklace will arrive in a pretty gift box…it’s truly the perfect choice for any special lady with Celtic ancestry…


Silver Diamond Claddagh And Celtic Cross


This pretty and meaningful design combines the spirit of Claddagh love, loyalty and friendship with the classic Celtic Cross motif.

The Irish Claddagh crowned-heart-and-hands motif is a romantic expression of life’s finer feelings. The diamond embellishments on our Silver Diamond Claddagh And Celtic Cross offer dimensional beauty, while gold-plated Claddagh symbols provide contrast and visual impact.

Each branch of the Celtic Cross represents the four directions – on this original design, these branches are styles with Trinity Knot inlays that give a delicate, open effect. Every Trinity Knot is a symbol of the Holy Trinity.

Feminine and so easy to wear, our stunning ringed cross pendant is meant to be worn and cherished for a lifetime…

Silver Diamond Celtic Knot Cross

Styled with soft, rounded edges, this dazzling Silver Diamond Celtic Cross is so pleasing to the eye, and such a joy to wear. Decorated with gleaming 14k yellow gold accents, this lovely and symbolic pendant also features a diamond right in the centre of the design.

Latticework inlays add richness to this ornate style, while a shining, golden ring provides the perfect backdrop for the rhodium-plated branches of the Celtic Cross.

You’ll marvel at the quality and painstaking attention to detail featured on this unforgettable showpiece…it’s really the perfect way to honor your heritage, as you also display your faith and belief in eternity…

Every cross we offer is made by hand, right in Ireland…our necklaces offer true authenticity that is inspired by thousands of years of Celtic art, history, and design…