Our Striking And Meaningful Trinity Knot Pendant

Perfect for gift-giving, our striking and meaningful 14k Emerald Trinity Knot Pendant can also be an ideal way to treat yourself to the symbolism and beauty of authentic Celtic design.

Crafted from gleaming 14k yellow gold, this emerald-studded design is made by hand, right in Ireland.

The special significance of the Trinity Knot motif has its roots in the Irish monasteries of the Middle Ages, where the monks created glorious works of art that demonstrated their love of God.

Experience Traditional Celtic Knot Work…And Discover Its Hidden Meaning…

The Trinity Knot features interlace, or knot work, styling – this ancient art form is characterized by its “woven” appearance. Each section of this three-part, knot work symbol is meant to represent the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit.

Since the sixth century, when the Irish monks created this beautiful symbol of the Holy Trinity, it has appeared on art treasures, such as the Book of Kells, and decorated the stone Celtic crosses that stand in the churchyards and cemeteries of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The Trinity Knot symbol illustrates the power of the mental, physical, and spiritual elements of the universe; it celebrates the eternal nature of the soul.

For many women, this powerful and elegant symbol is truly striking in its significance and simplicity; beneath the hypnotic lines of the Trinity, or Triquetra, layers of meaning are revealed…and revered…

Does The Symbol Have A Pagan Past?

According to certain historians, this symbol may have another hidden meaning…one that celebrates the three faces of the Goddess.

In Pagan times (which intersected with the new movement towards Christianity, in the early medieval period), the Triple Goddess was a symbol of womanhood in its three stages – often, the three phases of femininity were characterized as Virgin, Mother, and Crone.

Pagans worshiped the Goddess and celebrated her beauty, power, and fertility in outdoor rites, such as Beltane.

Many historians believe that the Triquetra may also have been used by the Pagans, as a symbol of their Great Mother. Although the motif may have been created by Christian monks, its meanings were probably adapted and used to represent different belief systems…

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Give yourself the gift of a stronger connection with your cultural past…embrace the spirit of your Celtic ancestors by wearing the same ancient symbol they used to honor the spirit world, and to recognize the value of faith…

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