Exploring Ireland – Howth, Co. Dublin

Located in Fingal County (less than nine miles from bustling Dublin City), Howth, Ireland is home to majestic Howth Castle, as well as the Castle’s stunning Deer Park estate.

On the Castle grounds, visitors admire an ancient Irish Dolmen known as Aideen’s Grave; this collapsed relic is a Megalithic portal tomb, composed of three large stones…these rugged grave markers often date back to the third century (B.C).

This Region Has A Viking History

Howth (pronounced, “both”) has a colorful past, due to its combination of Irish and Danish Viking heritage…

Named after the Danish word for “head”, the region was the sanctuary of Vikings who fled Dublin after their defeat at the hands of Irish High King Brian Boru and his army.

However, the ancestors of this contingent of Danes were fated to fall in battle against the Irish during the 11th century…

Howth Is A Natural Paradise

An ideal place to bird-watch, Howth features some lovely species, including razorbills, yellowhammers, and skylarks.

The area is also an ideal place for sailng and fishing; anglers enjoy catching the bounty of cod and ray found in the local waters…

Howth Is A Serene Escape From The Urban Pace Of Dublin City

The charming village of Howth offers peaceful views of nearby Howth Head peninsula and its picturesque Baily Lighthouse.


For a taste of Ireland’s history, tourists flock to Howth’s National Transport Museum, which houses the Emerald Isle’s only detailed collection of public service vehicles (including vintage trams) and commercial road vehicles.

Designed to evoke the spirit of bygone decades, this museum is home to old-time firetrucks, military transport (such as the rare WWII AEC Matador truck) ), and a gift shop that sells charming souvenirs, such as wall clocks printed with vintage vehicles.

A trip to the museum may lead to an evening meal and a pint at one of Howth’s traditional pubs, such as The Cock Tavern or The Abbey Tavern. This Irish fishing village also features a vibrant local market, Howth Fisherman’s and Farmer’s Market, that sells fresh food offerings that highlight the area’s amazing seafood and produce.

For a special meal that doesn’t feature hearty pub fare, many visitors enjoy Aqua Restaurant, with it stunning water views and fresh fish, prawns, and chowders; this romantic venue is just another way to relax and enjoy the natural splendor of Howth, Ireland…

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