Irish Jewelry – You’ll Love Our Classic Trinity Knot Pendant

Simplicity and fine craftsmanship are the hallmarks of our lovely and traditional 14 Karat Trinity Knot Pendant.

If you’re looking for a special, handcrafted piece of Irish jewelry that you’ll enjoy wearing for a lifetime, this timeless design may prove to be an ideal new addition to your current jewelry wardrobe…

Designed to appeal to women of all ages, this exquisite pendant is a stunning gift choice for any lady with a Celtic family background (Irish, Scottish, or Welsh).

Of course, a pretty pendant like this one (an optional 18″ matching chain is available) doesn’t have to be given as a present – it can simply be a wonderful way to treat yourself to a little touch of the culture and symbolism of your ancestors.

Many women feel more connected to their Celtic heritage when they begin to collect authentic Celtic jewelry…so why not treat yourself to this feminine, wearable design? It’s the sort of necklace you’ll never want to take off…

Our Trinity Knot pieces are a joy to collect; you can also find coordinating Celtic engagement rings, Trinity Knot earrings, and sparkling enamel Irish charms for your charm bracelet….

The Trinity Knot Motif Honors Faith And Eternity…

The centuries-old Celtic motif displayed on this delicate yellow gold pendant is a symbol of Christian faith – known as a Trinity Knot, each of its three segments symbolize the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

On this special design, a simple circle is woven into the Trinity Knot pattern, adding even more Celtic mystery and meaning.

For the Celts, the circle represents eternity…in fact, every Celtic cross that stands in the churchyards of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales also features the same circle, or “ring”…it is believed that this symbol evolved from Pagan times, when it was used to represent Sun worship by the Druids…

The symbols of the Celtic people were often bestowed with all manner of spiritual meanings and mystical magic…this is one of the reasons why these symbols continue to endure in today’s fast-moving, digital world. Step back through the mists of time…embrace the faith and eternity of your ancestors with our handmade golden pendant…

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    Many of the stories of the great kings of Ireland is transmitted through the bards, who created the epic ballads and poems detailing the exploits and adventures of these real men.Often these “oral” stories were told that ordinary people , who learned about the history of their country through the efforts of these courtly troubadour-poet.

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