Irish Jewelry – Trinity Knot Cup-a-Tea Charm

Whimsical jewelry can be so much fun to wear – especially when it’s bestowed with a little Emerald Isle symbolism and spirit.

If you currently own a Tara’s Diary or Pandora charm bracelet (and you love collecting new charms), our Irish Trinity Knot Cup-a-Tea charm may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Engraved with a shining row of 14k gold-plated Trinity Knots, this sterling silver teacup is designed to hang from your bracelet by its delicate, curving handle.

This charm makes a perfect gift idea for any woman who loves a good cup of tea with friends and family…it can also be a unique and original way to honor Irish heritage…

A Brief History Of Irish Tea…

The Irish drink more tea than any other people in the world. Even the English, who are renowned for their love of a “cuppa”, can’t compete with the per capita tea consumption of Irish men, women, and children.

On average, an Irish person will consume from four to six cups of tea per day – usually, a strong blend is preferred, and tea is drunk with milk and sugar added. In the Emerald Isle, this “breakfast blend” of Irish tea (which was created for mornings only) is enjoyed at all times of the day and night.

In other parts of the world, the style of tea enjoyed in Ireland is known as “Irish Breakfast Tea”, but Irish natives never use this phrase to describe the beverage; to them, “Irish Breakfast Tea” is just “tea”…

The beloved ritual of drinking tea began in the early 18th century; at that time, only the wealthiest segments of society were able to partake in tea-drinking (since the tea blends were an expensive, imported luxury). Wealthy Irish men and women would throw tea parties to share their exotic teas in an elegant group setting.

Eventually, trading opened up and Irish people from all walks of life were able to enjoy the hot, satisfying drink – in general, blends imported during the late 18th century were brought in from China, rather than India…

In the nineteenth century, Irish manufacturers began to package teas right in the Emerald Isle. Today, the most popular manufacturers of Irish tea are Lyon’s and Barry’s.

These brands sell a type of tea known as “Assam” – this Indian blend has a flavorful, rich taste and it remains a clear favorite in modern-day Ireland…

Create A Celtic Bracelet You’ll Treasure

Customizing your own Irish charm bracelet can be meaningful – each charm may represent special moments in your life journey. Many women enjoy choosing charms that mark anniversaries, births, special vacations, and other important milestones.

Our beautiful Tara’s Diary Collection features a host of gorgeous, handcrafted charms in some truly stunning designs. Examples include shining enamel shamrocks, birthstone beads, and even a tiny baby shoe. The Collection can be worn with a starter bracelet or chic charm necklace.

For look at more authentic Irish and Celtic jewelry designs, please visit our online Irish jewelry store…

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