Irish Coffees And Cocktails

When you choose the perfect Irish coffee or cocktail recipe, you can enjoy a taste of the Emerald Isle – right in your own home.

These delicious drinks can be the ideal complement to a special dinner party menu.

Rich liqueurs, smooth whiskeys, freshly-ground coffees and fun extras (such as sugary whipped cream!) all contribute to unforgettable taste that also honors Gaelic traditions.

To help you create impressive Irish coffees and cocktails, we’ve compiled some excellent, foolproof recipes that are also very easy to mix and serve.

As well, we’ve added in some fun and interesting information about the history of Ireland’s most famous mixed drinks:

Irish Coffee – A Quick History

According to legend, the first Irish coffee drinks were designed to soothe travelers after long, cold journeys in seaplanes.

Although the origin of the very first glass of Irish Coffee remains a bone of contention for historians, it’s believed that the drink was probably invented in Foyne, Ireland during the 1940’s.

Joseph Sheridan, a local chef, may well be the creator of this creamy, satisfying beverage. He worked at a fine restaurant near the port of Foyne, and he wished to find an innovative way to warm passengers up when they arrived in Ireland by air.

The first person who tasted this hot, flavorful drink asked the chef if the coffee was Brazilian – Sheridan replied that it was, in fact, Irish coffee.

Since the day Sheridan named his distinctive new alcoholic beverage, countless glasses of the tasty concoction have been served in Ireland – and all around the world.

A Classic Irish Coffee Recipe To Enjoy

1/4 cup of heavy cream (chilled)

2 teaspoons of sugar

An ounce and a half of high-quality Irish whiskey (3 tbsp.)

3/4 cup hot strong coffee

How To Prepare – Whip the heavy cream with the sugar until it forms stiff peaks. Add the Irish whiskey to a glass and then use enough of the coffee to fill it until it’s three-quarters full. Add the whipped cream mixture to finish.

Irish Cocktails

Today’s delicious Irish cocktails generally have a whiskey base, since this malt liquor is one of the Emerald Isle’s most notable spirits.

The best Irish whiskeys will be single-malt, and they will often feature a complex mixture of flavorings, including dried fruit, toasted malt, vanilla, and lemon.

According to experts, Irish whiskeys such as Redbreast Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey or Jameson Triple-Distilled Whiskey are perfect choices for ideal cocktails.

Here is an exciting cocktail recipe featuring Irish Whiskey:

The Irish Rickey

50 milliliters of good Irish whiskey

lime juice (1/2 lime)

bubbly mineral water, such as plain Perrier or San Pellegrino

Ice to finish

How To Prepare – This drink should be mixed in a classic highball glass – simply combine whiskey and lime juice and add ice – then, finish the cocktail with a generous splash of sparkling mineral water.

Bailey’s Irish Martini

Bailey’s Irish Cream is a popular choice for modern cocktails that still have a little Irish charm. If you’ve got some Bailey’s in your home bar, be sure and mix up some glamorous Irish Martinis for your friends and family.

These potent cocktails combine traditional Irish whiskey with Bailey’s and rich, iced coffee…

The Recipe

Crushed Ice

50 milliliters of Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur

20 milliliters of premium Irish whiskey

10 ml of rich, cold coffee

How To Prepare – You’ll need a shaker to get a true martini effect. Put the ice in the shaker and top it up with the Irish whiskey. Then, pour in the cold coffee. Shake the concoction for at least 30 seconds to mix thoroughly. Pour into a classic martini glass and serve.

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