Honor First Holy Communion With A Children’s Celtic Cross Pendant

The sacrament known as first Holy Communion is an important milestone in the life of a child – it represents a child’s decision to share his or her life with Jesus, and to love and honor Him for a lifetime.

If you know a special little girl who is about to receive the religious sacrament of first Holy Communion, you may be thinking about choosing a special gift that honors the occasion.

Traditionally, Holy Communion gifts should have overt religious themes – for this reason, cross pendants make a perfect gift-giving choice.

Our children’s Celtic Cross pendants are designed to be worn for years – they are scaled to a child’s smaller body, making them a perfect keepsake that can also be worn and enjoyed each and every day…

The Origins Of The Celtic Cross

During the sixth century, a new style of art emerged in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales…this Insular Art period produced many masterpieces, including the Book of Kells (an illuminated manuscript depicting the Gospels) and many glorious stone High Crosses. These High Crosses were often created by monks in Irish monasteries, such as Monasterboice in County Louth.

Art from this period, including Celtic High crosses, was usually decorated with intricate patterns known as interlace. These delicate, latticework designs were used to create stunning borders and inlays, as well as ornate animal symbols and other meaningful motifs, such as Trinity Knots (symbols of the Holy Trinity).

Today, Irish artisans remain inspired by the beauty and meaning of Insular Art…they craft Celtic pendants that mimic the clean lines and exquisite embellishments of the most impressive Celtic crosses. Often, the symbols engraved onto silver Celtic Cross pendants represent faith, life-force, and eternity. Always, they honor God and the Christian belief system.

Give A Special Girl A Gift That Honors Her Faith…And Celebrates Her First Holy Communion

Why not choose this affordable pendant for a special girl? When you do, you will offer her a constant reminder of her faith and her own Celtic heritage. For any child with an Irish, Scottish, or Welsh background, the symbols and designs of Insular Art will become resonant motifs that offer a deeper understanding of the culture, history, and spirituality of the Celts.

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