Our New Silver And Gold Claddagh Rings

At Irish Celtic Jewels, we seek out only the most timeless and exquisite examples of traditional Irish, Scottish, and Welsh jewelry.

Today’s designers work with the motifs and symbolism of the middle ages, creating meaningful pieces that honor Celtic culture and heritage.

If your family background is Irish, you’ll love these gorgeous new Claddagh ring styles. Crafted of the finest 14 karat white & yellow gold (or affordable sterling silver), each design is handmade in Ireland, by artisans who spend years learning the ancient art of masterful Celtic metal work.

Celebrate Love, Loyalty…And Your Own Celtic Heritage

The romantic crowned-heart-and-hands motifs you’ll find on every authentic Irish Claddagh ring are symbols of love and loyalty.

In Ireland (and around the world), the Claddagh ring is given as a token of affection. It may also be used in lieu of a plain gold wedding band (for brides and grooms).

In fact, you can tell a lot about someone’s romantic availability by the way they wear their Claddagh ring – singles will wear the ring with the crown facing outwards, away from them. People in relationships will point the crown towards them, indicating that they are “taken”.

As you can see, a Claddagh ring may be a symbol of friendship or undying love…this charming design truly evokes the warmhearted, spontaneous spirit of the Gaelic people. This is why the beauty of the Claddagh continues to fascinate and intrigue new generations…

If you’ve always wanted your own Claddagh ring, there’s no better time to choose the perfect style for you. With our new line of gold and silver designs, there is truly something for every taste and budget.

Honor your heritage today by choosing a lovely showpiece from our new collection:

Gold Claddagh Rings Offer Timeless Beauty & Superb Quality

By joining two important and ancient Irish motifs, designers have created a special Claddagh ring with an extra touch of spiritual meaning.

The Trinity Knots that flank the crowned heart design symbolize the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

With the 14k Claddagh Heart and Trinity Knot Ring, love and faith come together for a lifetime. This design is available in yellow or white gold.

For centuries, men have enjoyed wearing gent’s Claddagh rings.

Late American President John F. Kennedy, U2 singer Bono, and gifted actor Johnny Depp have all been photographed wearing the classic Claddagh ring – it’s versatile enough to appeal to many different types of men!

If you’re looking for a special gift for him, consider giving him this Gents Claddagh Very Heavy Ring.

Superior materials and fine craftsmanship provide heirloom quality he’ll treasure forever. This comfortable, solid design is perfect for any special man in your life. It’s also available in white gold.

Delicate and beautiful, this feminine ladies’ Claddagh ring offers a little added embellishment.

A twisted shank design decorates the entire band, highlighting the exquisite craftsmanship of the crowned-heart-and-hands center.

When you wear our 14k Gold Claddagh Twist Shank Ring, you’ll enjoy the feeling it brings.

This romantic and whimsical piece is meant to become an everyday favorite you reach for again and again…

Our New Silver Claddagh Designs Are Affordable And So Exquisite

Silver makes handcrafted Irish jewelry more affordable…and its sleek, polished surface is a great backdrop for true Celtic craftsmanship.

If you’re budget conscious, or simply fond of collecting sterling silver rings and other silver pieces of jewelry, you’ll adore these inexpensive designs.

Each ring is made by hand in Ireland and stamped at the Assay Office of Dublin Castle – just like our 14k gold designs are. Whether you opt for silver or gold, you’ll always enjoy authentic quality that is built to last…

When you choose this silver Claddagh Ring, you’ll be able to enjoy two kinds of Irish symbolism on one pretty design.

Our Silver Claddagh Heart and Trinity Knot Ring offers all the same design features as our 14k version – with a lower price tag…


If you loved the 14k yellow gold version of our Silver Claddagh Twist Shank Ring, this less-expensive ring may be the perfect choice for you.

Perfect for gift-giving, or just as a treat to yourself, you can enjoy the beauty and ornate detail of this design without spending a lot of money.

With the money you save, you may even be able to find a matching charm bracelet, earrings, or pendant.

Some men really enjoy wearing silver jewelry, because it feels more casual to them.

Many men do prefer a white gold or silver finish to the look of fine yellow gold.

If you’re looking for a less expensive version of the heavy gold Claddagh ring shown above, this Silver Gents Very Heavy Claddagh Ring will be ideal.

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