Ireland In The Year 1981

Time moves quickly – sometimes, looking back at the important events, trends, and highlights of past decades can help us gain perspective.

If you’re of Irish heritage, you’ll be inspired by this glimpse into Emerald Isle history…today, we’re traveling back into the decade of big hair, dramatic music videos, and the Cold War…

Here are some fascinating facts about the Emerald Isle of 1981:

Reeling In The Years Offers An Entertaining Look At 80’s Ireland

Reeling In The Years is a half-hour television documentary that offered some entertaining insights into Ireland from 1962 to 2009. The program focused on archival news footage (national and global), augmented with subtitles. The show also offered up memorable music hits from the year being featured, along with pop video clips that captured the spirit of the times…

Part 1

Part 2

Here is a look at some of the events captured in the 1981 episode of this documentary series..along with some other notable Irish and world events of that time…

  • 1981 Irish Hunger Strike – The Troubles of Ireland are well-documented…these political and religious issues came to a head in 1981, when paramilitary prisoners rebelled against the British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. A hunger strike was waged, and then ceased by authorities after ten imprisoned men starved to death. This pivotal event signaled the beginning of legitimacy for Ireland’s Sinn Fein political party.
  • The DeLorean Sports Car Is Launched In Belfast – In a quiet suburb of Belfast, a futuristic sports car was introduced to the world…the DeLorean DMC was created for the American marketplace in 1981. This visually daring, gull-winged design was destined to become a modern-day time machine in the classic 80’s film, Back To The Future, starring Michael J. Fox.
  • John Lennon Tops The Charts In Ireland – Lennon’s poignant ballad, (Just Like) Starting Over, received heavy airplay in the Emerald Isle during 1981, hitting number one on the charts in late January of that year. Other notable songs of 1981 Ireland included the addictive (if melodramatic) Don’t You Want Me by the Human League, and another Lennon classic, Woman…

World Events And Hot Trends In 1981

On the 20th of January, 1981, American hostages being held captive in Iran were finally released after 444 days as prisoners. Spain became a member of the NATO guild in the same year. The nighttime soap opera, Dynasty, starring Joan Collins as the vixenish Alexis Carrington, premiered on American television and caused a sensation. Francois Mitterand became the president of France in 1981.

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