The Shamrock Charm – Perfect Irish Jewelry For Saint Paddy’s Day

We’re proud to show off a bright and cheery new Shamrock charm – it’s here just in time for your Saint Patrick’s Day celebration!

Your charm bracelet will looks more colorful and whimsical once you’ve added this lovely silver and green enamel bead.

You’ll really show your Irish pride when you choose this handcrafted, authentic design…

To create this charm, a perfect Shamrock is sculpted from fine sterling silver, then accented with expertly inlaid, emerald green enamel.

Each of the Shamrock’s three “leaves” are crafted into perfect heart shapes – these add a little romance and femininity to the design.

This clever little charm is meant to become an everyday favorite that always stays on your charm bracelet. You may order it to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day (it also makes a great gift idea for any special lady!), but you’ll find it has real staying power.

After all, this Irish symbol has been around for centuries

What The Shamrock Really Means

Today, everyone knows the Shamrock is a symbol of Ireland – but some people don’t know what it really means. This tender little plant has a long and fascinating history in the Emerald Isle, and it all started with Ireland`s patron saint.

Saint Patrick used the three leaves of the plant to represent the Holy Trinity – to him, each leaf illustrated the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Saint Patrick’s mission was to convert the Irish from Paganism to the Christian God. He used the Shamrock as an example of the way God was everywhere in Ireland – even in the soft green fields and forests.

Since he chose this tiny plant as a symbol of spirituality and Christianity, the people of Ireland also came to embrace the Shamrock as their most beloved Irish symbol.

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The beauty and authenticity of true Irish jewelry design is embodied in every piece we offer. Our jewelry is handmade in Ireland itself, by artisans who respect the old traditions.

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Happy Saint Patrick`s Day From All Of Us At Irish Celtic Jewels!