St. Brigid’s Cross – A Symbol Of Compassion

St. Brigid’s Cross is a simple, but meaningful, symbol – on this piece of exquisite Irish jewelry, 14k yellow gold is used to depict a woven cross…one that was originally made of palm leaves.

Saint Brigid used this handmade cross to comfort the sick or dying – she picked up palm rushes (commonly used to cover wooden flooring during the Middle Ages) and twisted them into a symbolic shape – one that mimicked the crucifix, and illustrated her devout belief in God.

Brigid turned down many proposals of marriage from wealthy suitors in order to take the veil and devote her life to Christ. She worked with Saint Patrick to form monasteries and spread a message of faith and salvation.

This poem, written by St. Broccan Cloen, (and translated here from its original Gaelic) celebrates her legendary attributes:

Saint Brigid was not given to sleep, nor was she intermittent about God’s love;
Not merely that she did not buy, she did not seek for
The wealth of this world below, the holy one.

This compassionate Irish saint devoted her life to the service of others – in caring for the aged, sick, and lonely, she displayed all of the most powerful virtues of the Christian faith.

This Symbol Of Compassion Is A Beloved Irish Motif

Today, St. Brigid’s Cross is used as a symbol of compassion, and also of hope…it represents the eternal nature of the human spirit, which endures beyond death, into the afterlife…

For many women, this poignant piece of handcrafted Irish jewelry is a meaningful reminder of the power of true selflessness – it is also a wonderful way to honor Irish ancestry. In many ways, Saint Brigit was like Mother Teresa, who ministered to the weakest members of society through her missionary work.

This beautifully-wrought cross is expertly engraved to add texture and dimension – each pendant is hand-carved in Ireland itself, and stamped at the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle.

You can choose an optional chain that matches your cross, or purchase the pendant alone, to be added to an existing chain. Each piece comes in a lovely gift box – it makes a thoughtful gift for any special lady.

Embrace The Legacy Of St. Brigid With Our Special Design

If you’re looking for a way to honor love and compassion in your daily life, this pendant will offer potent symbolism and a little slice of Irish culture, history, and art.

For centuries, St. Brigid’s Cross has been drawn or sculpted in a variety of different ways. This necklace is a realistic rendering of the handiwork of one of the Emerald Isle’s most cherished saints.

Her legacy lives on as new generations embrace her sense of caring and empathy…

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