Some Lovely New Celtic Charms For Your Charm Bracelet

Our popular Tara’s Diary Collection features a silver Irish charm bracelet, a charm necklace, and a dizzying array of stunning, handcrafted charms.

These sterling silver charms are all handmade in the Emerald Isle, and each one features exciting design elements, such as expert engraving, gleaming enamels, art glass accents, and inlaid gemstones.

For any woman who enjoy collecting charms, choosing a few special pieces from this unique and beautiful collection can be the perfect way to honor Irish, Scottish, or Welsh heritage.

In some cases, the symbols found on these pieces date back to the sixth century! Here is a sampling of some brand-new offerings from Tara’s Diary. You can find our full collection of Irish jewelry at our online store:

Map Of Ireland Charm

Made of shining sterling silver, our stunning Map Of Ireland charm is a great way to show your Irish pride.

This miniature map features delicate etching and expert finishing – its shape is a depiction of Ireland’s own natural design.

This charm will fit onto almost any bracelet, including our Tara’s Diary starter bracelet, or a Pandora bracelet.

Celtic Spiral Love Charm

This pretty and “charming” design is meant to honor love…and the letter “O” has a special little detail that is uniquely Celtic!

A traditional Celtic spiral replaces the letter “O”, offering a little extra symbolism and meaning. In Celtic lore and mythology, the Celtic spiral represents life-force…each turn of the spiral traces the journey through birth, death, and spiritual rebirth.

Honor love and heritage with this beautifully-crafted Celtic spiral love charm – the Celtic spiral is plated with 14k yellow gold.

Scottish Thistle Celtic Charm

Celebrate your Scottish ancestry with this lovely Scottish Thistle Celtic Charm – it showcases gorgeous blue enamel and an artfully-engraved thistle.

These symbols of your heritage will add visual interest and deeper meaning to your beloved charm bracelet.

Each design is handcrafted and stamped at the Assay Office of Dublin Castle.

Any of these beautiful new Celtic charms will make an ideal gift for a special lady.