Enjoy Stunning Irish Jewelry With Romantic Symbolism

As green and vibrant as the soft fields of Ireland itself, the glittering emerald is really the perfect gemstone for a Claddagh pendant.

If you’re interested in Irish jewelry, you’ll adore wearing this special design. Traditionally given as a token of affection, the Irish Claddagh ring has become an important part of Emerald Isle culture and history. Its design is a powerful symbol of love, faithfulness, and loyalty…

Today, Celtic jewelry designers have put a bold new spin on this traditional Gaelic classic, creating a stunning Claddagh pendant that evokes all of the symbolic beauty and romance of the crowned-heart-and-hands motif.

The Power Of Emeralds…

A shining heart-shaped emerald is the focal point of this beautiful pendant, which also offers exquisite engraving and an appealing circular shape.

The gemstone featured on this piece is believed to have mystical, magical properties. In fact, for centuries, royals and the nobility have sought out emerald jewelry to enjoy its beauty and its power.

According to legend, the emerald will enhance the memory of its wearer, while also strengthening friendships by making other people more loyal to him or her.

This Pendant Can Be The Beginning Of A Celtic Jewelry Collection That Honors Your Heritage

All of our beautiful, handmade Irish and Celtic pieces are designed to coordinate with one another.

For this reason, many women enjoy building a collection featuring gorgeous Celtic spirals, ancient Trinity Knots, and meaningful Claddagh symbols.

From heirloom-quality Celtic rings, to delicate drop earrings adorned with sparkling gems, to chic and trendy charm bracelets – our collection truly has it all.

Every piece we offer features stellar craftsmanship, as well as an official stamp, which is applied at the Assay Office of Dublin Castle.