Celtic Jewelry – Our New Selection Of Silver Cross Pendants

Wearing a Celtic Cross pendant can be a wonderful way to honor the spiritual traditions of your Irish, Scottish, or Welsh ancestors.

Our new collection of stunning and affordable silver Celtic Cross pendants offers handcrafted, authentic beauty that can be treasured for a lifetime.

If you’re interested in genealogy and history, you’ll be fascinated by the cultural significance of these special ringed crosses.

The History Of Celtic Crosses

Historians believe that Saint Patrick introduced the distinctive Celtic Cross to the people of the British Isles, in the times after the Holy Roman Empire.

The central ring of every Celtic Cross is a remnant of Pagan Sun Worship, and the four branches of the cross represent the four directions.

Celtic Crosses belong to an art movement known as Insular Art – often, the crosses were created by monks to mark the resting places of the dead.

The monasteries where these artistic and devout monks worked (such as the “double” monastery built by Ireland’s Saint Patrick and Saint Brigid), were the birthplaces of many great masterpieces.

Some example of these include stone and metal High Crosses, Celtic Crosses, and illuminated manuscripts, such as the Book of Kells (which is now on display in the Old Library of Trinity College, Dublin).

Often, Celtic Crosses are adorned with myriad Celtic symbols dating back to the sixth century.

Some common symbols that appear on these striking stone and metal works include zoomorphic, or animal, symbols, Trinity Knots (which represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit), and delicate interlace knot work.

Themes of eternity, religious devotion, and life-force are illustrated in these ancient motifs, which add rich dimension to the already-meaningful Celtic Cross design.

Irish Artisans Honor The Old Traditions When They Create Today’s Celtic Cross Pendants

Today’s jewelry designers and artisans also engrave or emboss these symbols onto silver Celtic Cross pendants – each piece is painstakingly crafted by hand, in Ireland itself.

The old traditions are honored and respected as each pendant is created – every Celtic Cross is also stamped, or assayed, at Dublin Castle.

To find the right Celtic Cross for you, it helps to understand the symbols that decorate each design – once you understand the hidden meanings, it will be easier to choose a special pendant that evokes your own personal beliefs and sense of spirituality…

The Collection

Silver Celtic Trinity Knot Cross

Crafted of fine sterling silver, this sleek and sophisticated Celtic Cross pendant features delicately-wrought Trinity Knot adornments.

Each Trinity Knot is composed of three equal segments, symbolizing the Holy Trinity. These knot work patterns are created in a latticework style known as Celtic interlace.

Each symbol is never-ending and connected…lines flow endlessly into one another.

This hypnotic design style is an important part of the Insular Art period, and it offers a sense of mystical beauty that is truly timeless.

The interconnectedness of all things is represented by these special motifs…this sense of oneness is a common theme in Celtic art and design…

Silver Celtic Knots Cross Pendant

This pretty Celtic Cross pendant features a more ornate style than the sleek pendant shown above.

Our silver Celtic Knots Cross Pendant’s polished surface is covered in gorgeous, handcrafted knot work.

If you prefer a more detailed piece, you’ll love this sterling silver pendant. The central ring of this pendant is also carved with intricate knot work, including Trinity Knots.

This versatile piece will become a treasured part of your jewelry wardrobe – it can be worn with jeans and a T-shirt, or for more formal occasions. In fact, you may find you wear it each and every day.

Silver and CZ Claddagh Cross

This unique style incorporates the more modern (but still quite ancient) symbols of the Irish Claddagh…the crowned-heart-and-hands motif of traditional Claddagh ring design gets a fresh new spin.

This romantic silver Celtic Cross pendant is a symbol of faith and spirituality…however, its Claddagh symbols also illustrate romantic love, friendship, and loyalty.

If you’re looking for an original design that is also a wonderful conversation piece, this lovely cross pendant will be perfect for you.

This handmade piece glitters with affordable CZ diamonds – it’s a charming token of affection that is also a perfect gift idea for any special woman.

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