Exploring Ireland Doolin, Co. Clare

Ireland is the home of countless picturesque towns and cities…exploring the country can be a fascinating journey into the history, art, and culture of the Emerald Isle.

For many tourists, a visit to scenic Doolin, Ireland (located in County Clare) can be truly unforgettable.

Doolin has a rich and fascinating background – it’s a place where the beauty of Irish traditional music is celebrated each and every day.

Many famous Irish musicians hail from this town, including The Russell Brothers, whose distinctive style of folkloric flute playing has inspired generations…

Doolin Offers Natural Splendor In Abundance…

Music isn’t the only pleasure Doolin offers to its residents and visitors…this charming region also features myriad examples of stunning natural beauty.

In fact, the rugged caves, beaches, and historical monuments found in and around Doolin are rumored to have inspired the work of one of history’s most lauded fantasy authors – JRR Tolkien (who wrote The Lord Of The Rings trilogy and The Hobbit).

If you’re in the area, make a point of visiting Doolin Cave – the home of the Great Stalactite. This mesmerizing eco-tourism attraction allows you to experience the wonders of the world’s largest hanging stalactite (secondary mineral).

Visitors descend in small groups (led by a skilled guide) down into the depths of the cave, where the dramatic mineral sculpture (crafted entirely by Mother Nature) appears to glow in the inky darkness. A world-class natural attraction, Doolin Cave should always be a highlight of a trip to County Clare. Add a little adventure to your Irish excursion by exploring a primeval cave with your friends or family.

Enjoy Lively Musical Entertainment At A Historic Irish Pub!

The Doolin tradition of musical artistry and traditional melodies comes to joyous life at famous Gus O’Connors Pub, which also features delicious pub fare, exquisite Irish ales, and a friendly, rustic vibe.

Nightly music honors the spirit of the Russell Brothers, who entertained pub-goers for years at the pub – right along with Gussie O’Connor himself! Today, this early 19th century watering hole features fun jam sessions called seisiuns. Gaelic traditional music is treasured and revered at this historic establishment.

Be sure to enjoy the very best in Irish traditional music – this vital component in Doolin’s heritage can make for a thrilling night out you`ll never forget.

Beautiful Listowel Castle Offers A Fascinating Glimpse Into Irish History

Located just 5 kilometers from Doolin proper, Listowel Castle is the remnants of a pale grey fortress that once featured four high towers. Today, only two towers remain standing…during the 1st Desmond Rebellion, this historic castle was filled with Fitzgerald family members, who tried to stave off the armies of Queen Elizabeth I.

Home to generations of Earls of Desmond, the Castle suffered damage during two heated rebellions. In time, the legacy of the Desmond empire crumbled as well. The roots of the conflict between British Crown and Irish earls was worsened by religious differences – however, it began because the Earl of Desmond wished to remain independent as a feudal lord.

Visit this important fortress from May to August – it’s recently been restored so visitors can explore its upper levels.

Honor Your Irish Heritage With Symbolic Celtic Jewelry

A stunning Celtic shield pendant is a wonderful way to honor the spirit and independence of your Irish Ancestors.

This piece of traditional Irish jewelry offers an intricate motif that symbolizes strength, loyalty and bravery.

Sterling silver with a touch of 18k gold plating makes the design both luxurious and amazingly affordable.

Handmade in Ireland, this gorgeous piece is also assayed (stamped) at historic Dublin Castle.