This Exquisite Celtic Ring Honors Your Heritage

Gleaming 14k gold and a single, shimmering pearl offer stunning beauty in a traditional Celtic setting.

This exquisite Celtic ring features intricate knot work that references thousands of years of Irish, Scottish, and Welsh craftsmanship. Each element of this unique design is meant to evoke the spirit of Celtic culture, art and history.

Delicate Trinity Knots decorate this feminine, romantic piece, and they are symbols of the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit. The finest materials are used to give this heirloom-quality ring unsurpassed quality and loveliness…

Each design is stamped for purity at the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle. Every ring is made by hand in the Emerald Isle, where the tradition of masterful goldsmith work has continued since the sixth century.

Authenticity is guaranteed when you choose this pretty and versatile Celtic ring – you’ll connect with your own heritage each time you wear it. The spirituality and deeper meaning of the Trinity Knot motif offers a link to the past, when the people of the British Isles moved away from the Pagan faith, and embraced the One True God.

The Lines Of The Celtic Trinity Knot Echo The Irish Shamrock’s Three Leaves

Saint Patrick, Ireland’s famous patron Saint, used the Shamrock, with its three tender leaves, to show the existence of the Holy Trinity in the natural world.

The lines of the ancient Trinity Knot echo the Shamrock’s design…each equal segment has its own symbolic value.

Celebrate the sacred Celtic power of three with a Trinity Knot Celtic ring…this showpiece will be a pleasure to wear for a lifetime…it also makes an ideal gift for any woman of Celtic heritage.

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  1. I would like to know how much a 10K gold wedding band or engagement ring with a pearl in it would be…size US 6.5

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